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Create Your Own In-Home Spa or Wetroom

29 Sep

Have you ever wanted to have your own in home spa or “wetroom” in your house? While, the bathroom of course can probably be considered as close as you may be able to get, the minimal space of the bathtub or the shower is not probably not your dream in-home sauna or wetroom.

So, get ready to transform your bathroom with these tips into a calming area where you can retreat to melt away the cares of the day and reclaim a little “me” time.

  • First off, take note of any empty or poorly utilized space in your house. If your bathroom is pretty wide enough, designate half of it for the spa/wetroom. Don’t be afraid to get creative though, you can use old storage rooms for a completely private space with a little creativity and plumbing. Install slate floors and repaint the walls. Add a tub and shower,  and decorate with built in panels for candles and aromatherapy.
  • In your new, or remodeled shower, consider installing a built in bench. It can be very therapeutic to just steam up your sauna/wetroom and sit for a while relaxing and inhaling the steam.
  • Remember that this is YOUR space, so splurge on the little things that will make a big difference for you – get that shower-head you have been coveting for a while now. Consider getting one with several different settings that range from “rain” to “water massage”.
  • Divide the “wetroom” from the dry room – if you have both in your bathroom – by utilizing wood or glass panels. Wood panels add an earthy beauty that sets a more tranquil atmosphere. You can use glass panels to maintain an open feel if you are working with a smaller space. If these options are a little outside of your budget, you can always opt for a shower curtain until you save up for a more permanent solution.
  • Also consider buying a noise maker, or just purchasing a CD for your stereo, so you can drown out other noises in the house and surround yourself with the sounds of thunderstorms, the rainforest or the ocean.
  • The most important thing about the room is to make it relaxing to YOU. Decorate and design the room using whatever appeals to you – natural materials are a great assistant for creating peaceful ambiance and votive candles are great for casting a more subdued and relaxing light than those that blare from overhead or are attached to your vanity mirror.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


New Hospital In Edmond Opens In October

27 Sep

Integris Health Edmond will begin accommodating patients on October 3, 2011. The city’s new hospital and medical office building is the second hospital in Edmond.

The $94 million hospital is built in a 200,000-square foot land on 44 acres on the northeast corner of 15th street and interstate 35. Governor Mary Fallin along with about 200 local, state leaders and several hospital officials already took a sneak-peek around the hospital this past week.

Governor Fallin was pleased with the new hospital and thanked Integris for the investing in the health care of Oklahoma and the creation of jobs in the state. Governor Fallin noted that these are not only jobs, but important jobs. The Governor also added that she felt as though she was coming to a country club with all the trees, landscaping and artworks. The hospital will look to be a beautiful addition to not only Edmond, but all of Oklahoma.

The hospital is forecasted to make a positive impact of $30 million in its first year of operation to the Edmond economy. President Avilla Williams of the Integris Health Edmond said about 95 percent of the hospital and medical offices are ready. Though the hospital will officially open on Oct. 3, the  remaining 5 percent will be completed and open on Nov. 1.

A full-service emergency department, six intensive care units, 10 labor and delivery units and four surgical suites are found within the hospital. More than 200 physicians are granted with medical staff privileges to practice in the hospital. About 65 nurses are on staff according to Angie Kamermayer, chief nursing officer. Most of these nurses came from Edmond, however some of the staff has been pulled from other states, and even out of the country (France).

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent

Transform Your Kid’s Bathroom To a Beach Paradise

26 Sep

The beach is one of those places most kids cannot get enough of and always want to go to. Children love to swim in the clear, cool water and are always excited to play in the warm sand and hopefully see a fish. Making your kids equally excited about taking a bath… not so easy. It normally requires huge effort.

Decorating your kids bathroom like a beach vacation is a great way to get them excited about “swim time”. Though not exactly a day of fun in the sun – it will certainly help your little tikes to imagine all of the fun they are having in the ocean — who knows, it may be harder for you to get them out of the bathtub than it was to get them in!

Here are some decorating tips in transforming your kid’s bathroom to a beach vacation.

  • Paint the walls to give the illusion of being underwater. Paint the walls blue like the deep waters and add colorful fish and even some seaweeds and starfish to the walls and along the counters.
  • Place framed pictures of beach vacations in the side wall near the mirror. You can even create a collage of pictures from family beach vacations, but have it covered in a huge customized frame so they don’t get easily wet from steam or your kids wanting to “get mommy wet, too!”
  • Use beach-inspired or sea-themed accents in the bathroom. Place bunches of fish or other sea creatures near the mirrors or near the tub. You can paint them yourself, or if you buy water proof, even have these sea creatures take a bath with your kids.
  • When buying bathroom necessities, as much as possible look for beach-themed items. This will add a more beach-like ambiance to the bathroom. If you can’t find these items, look for things in color blue to mimic the water, brown for the sand and yellow for the sun.
  • Buy seashell mirrors, tissue holders or even toothbrush holders. You can even do this yourself by gathering shells in the beaches and use a plain canister or mirror. Hot glue the canister with seashells and for your mirror, decorate along the sides.
  • Your ceiling does not need to go bare. Paint a sun around your light so it will appear that the sun is giving off light and warmth in the bathroom.
  • Place boat pictures on cabinet doors. Use wall paper to cover these doors or you can hand paint them with your kids.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent

Grand Opening Night Of the OKC Philharmonic

22 Sep

The Grand Opening night of the OKC Philharmonic will be held on Saturday, September 24, 2011 at the Oklahoma City Philharmonic, 428 W. California, Suite 210, Oklahoma City. It is sure to be a night filled with amazing music as Maestro Joel Levine along with the Oklahoma City Philharmonic will showcase the 2011-2012 Classics Series’ Grand Opening Night.

The Oklahoma City Philharmonic was founded in 1988. It’s goal is to provide inspiration and joy to the entire community via orchestral music. With the direction of Joel Levine, several talented and entertaining performers will also be playing, including the Classics, Orchestral Pops and even Discovery Family concerts.

The grand opening night will start at 8 in the evening. Maestro Levine and the Orchestra will perform acts including Wagner’s “Loengrin:Prelude to Act III”, Liszt’s “Les Preludes” and Turina’s “Danzas Fantasticas”. There will also be performances by Grammy-Award winning violinist James Ehnes with his performance of the technically difficult composition, Tchaikovsky’s “Violin Concerto”.

Single tickets are now available starting at only $15. Those who are interested in buying tickets can purchase them online, at the OKC Philharmonic ticket office or by phone at (405) 842-5387.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent

Expansion of Water Treatment Plant In Oklahoma City

20 Sep

A $48.5 million expansion project is set for the Lake Hefner Water Treatment Plant. This will enable the plant to provide more water supply to meet the growing needs of Oklahoma City.

With the new expansion, the plant can now pump out 100 million gallons of tap water daily, a significant increase from the current 75 million gallons per day. This will accommodate more residents and even city lawns.

According to Doug Holmes, Plant Manager, the expansion project started this year and is projected to end by 2013. As of now, the capacity is 75 million gallons and it mostly serves the northwest and north side of Oklahoma City as well as some of the central part of the city. The plant is located near the north side of Lake Hefner in northwest Oklahoma City and is generating its supply of water from the North Canadian River.

Given that 2011 brought about one of the hottest and driest summere in Oklahoma history, it is no wonder that the three existing water plants will soon reach their full capacity. Even the water pressure dropped in the city’s fringes according to Debbie Ragan, spokeswoman of the city utilities. This requires more capacity for the water plants to accommodate more needs. Oklahoma City is growing rapidly, and the current water supply is just not cutting it anymore.

Dustin Segraves, Project Manager of the new plant expansion, said that the $48.5 million budget is like building another water plant in the current facility. But planners will want to have more than what they think they need for future extreme conditions.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent

Decorating Tips On Making Your Tall Room Cozier

19 Sep

Having high ceilings may be elegant but there are house structures that take it too far (no pun intended) which can intimidate people or make a room feel awkward. Although creating an open space can bring more air into the room, it can very often feel overly spacious.

Avoid expensive room remodeling or house renovations and make the most of your high ceilings with these design tips. Remember, it is most important how you decorate your room to make it more appropriate for you.

  • Choose darker colors for your ceiling rather than the usual white. White or very light colors will only make your tall room even taller. It will conjure feelings that your ceiling is up in the sky, covered with clouds. Darker colors and even warm colors are more inviting and can bring your ceiling much closer to the ground.
  • Have a tray ceiling instead of the usual flat design. This will bring the ceiling closer to the floor and give it a warmer feel, Also it can open up an opportunity for a more intricate design for your ceiling. It would be a good idea to paint the recessed part light in contrast to the darker color of the perimeter ceiling.
  • Place wall and window coverings around the room. The cover you have for your window or wall will serve as a connection from your ceiling to your floor. This will cover more space to make the room feel warmer and more balanced to look at.
  • Include a ceiling panel to your room design. Just like a wall panel, a ceiling panel will create less space to your ceiling which will tone down its vastness.
  • Set in place more windows so that light can come in. Natural light looks great in an open space and therefore can make the atmosphere more relaxed. Place a high window from floor to ceiling or you can place a clerestory window so more light can come in from above.
  • Have a high but bare wall? Make use of it for display purposes. Display artworks like paintings, cross stitches, or other framed works. You can even install a wall cabinet to display other works of art. Placing more things on your wall will reduce the feeling of immensity in your room and therefore will create a cozier feeling.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent

Attic Remodeling: What You Can Do With The Empty Space Above Your House

15 Sep

When you have finished planning your home renovations, it is not uncommon for people to forget their attics. For some people, the attic is merely a storage room for things that are no longer useful inside the house. Others might deem this room as simply a hollow space above the house with little to no purpose.

If we come to take a look at it, the attic can be a potential room just like any other, aside from being simply a hollow space or storage room. In fact, it can also become a functional part of the house if renovated properly and designed more creatively. This is especially advantageous to houses with minimal spaces and those who longed to have an extra room inside their house.

So what remodeling ideas can you still fix up with your attic? Here are some tips:

  • Office area – if you work at home and do not have an extra room in your house for an office, convert your attic into your own office space. Its location is perfect for some peace and quiet while you work.
  • Home Theater – transform your attic into a complete home theater. Instead of crowding your flat screen TV into your living room, give it its own room in your attic, complete with other entertainment devices and several comfy chairs. Your movie marathons can  now really feel like you are out watching movies in the theater.
  • Your personal space – yes, your bedroom is your own personal space but have an extra room to exhibit your artworks or your hobbies. You can even put all your old collectibles on display or even your CD collection. Decorate the room with your favorite paint color, carpet and a soft chair for you and some extra for guests. You can even entertain your visitors in this room.
  • Library or reading area – if you have lots of books but have nowhere to display them, create your own library. This is an ideal place to read given the serene atmosphere.
  • A game area – usually a basement is converted to a game area complete with a pool table, video games and even a dart board. But if your basement is already occupied, why not make use of your attic? Create your own game room and have friends come over for some leisurely games of pool.
  • Extra Bedroom – if all bedrooms are occupied and you have some guests staying for the night, an extra bedroom in the attic would come in handy. Decorate it just like a regular guest room. Your visitors will feel more relaxed and comforted with the cool breeze and the quiet night in your attic.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent