Make Your Laundry Greener

3 Oct

Caring for the environment has been one of the major advocacies of a lot of people these days. Recycling paper and plastic materials helps reduce waste damage to the environment. But, living a green lifestyle is not only limited to recycling things inside the house. As much as possible, we must find means to make every task at home a way to help save the environment. And that includes our laundry.

Here are some tips on how you can implement a green lifestyle while still being able to effectively clean all your clothes.

  • Use eco friendly washers and dryers. If you plan to change your washing machine and/or dryer, make sure you look for an eco-friendly machine. You can easily spot them as these machines have an energy star certification. When in doubt if a machine is energy efficient, do not hesitate to ask the employees in the store. You can also check online to get an idea on what machines are energy efficient and go look for them in store.
  • Use soap instead of detergents. You may ask, “Are they not the same?” yes, they are the same, but soap is made more of natural ingredients and detergents are made of synthetic ingredients.
  • Get rid of your softeners. These liquids do make your clothes smell great but did you know that these contain materials that are harmful to the skin? Moreover, softeners reduce the service life of your clothing so why use it if your clothes are dying more slowly? If it can resist, settle for soap instead.
  • Combine all your wash and wash full loads instead of small ones. Not only will it reduce the time and effort you need to spend on laundry, you also get to save water especially during rinse. So, if you and your loved ones still have clean clothes to wear in your closet, schedule laundry twice per week.
  • As much as possible, utilize natural heat when drying. Hang your clothes outside instead of using a dryer. You can use your dryer for urgent clothing needs but if time permits, let them dry naturally.
  • Do you really need to bleach? If yes, get an alternative. Lemon juice works similar to bleach but it does not contain any detrimental ingredients.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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