Inexpensive Ways to Organize the Nursery

15 Dec

The nursery is one of the most important rooms inside your home because that is where your baby will spend most of its time. It needs to be safe, clean, and organized.  As much as we would love include everything we need inside the nursery, space and money often don’t allow.

So, if you find yourself working in a smaller space and on a budget, there are a number of inexpensive ways you can organize your nursery in a cute way…

  • Make sure the crib has extra storage drawers beneath it.  This provides the perfect space to store your baby linens and extra clothes and, thus, free up space elsewhere.
  • If you don’t have a changing table, you can easily transform a cabinet into a changing table by placing a changing pad on top and your diapers, wipes, and powder in the drawer below. You can even make use of the wall beside your changing pad to hang your baby’s tiny shoes and socks. Just be sure that the cabinet is at a height that allows you to change your baby’s diapers easily.
  • Convert an old hamper into a place to store toys.  This will save you a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on a toy chest, yet still gives you the same functionality. Also, there are hampers that are soft and light enough to hang on the wall, so if you just have a few toys inside the nursery, this can help you save floor space.
  • Do not overlook the potential of top shelves. If you frequently buy bigger clothes for your baby to wear in the future, set them aside for easy organization, so they don’t get mixed into your baby’s current clothes. Store them in a box or plastic container, label the outside with the size of the clothes, and when your baby grows into that size, you will be able to retrieve all of them easily.
  • Divide your closet. Baby clothes are small in size, so they aren’t going to take up your entire closet space.  Make use of the rest of your closet with stackable containers or baskets below the clothes rod, which will create additional storage.
  • The back of the nursery door can be a great place to hang coats, hats or sweatshirts.  All you have to do is install hooks or an over-the-door hanger.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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