Volunteers of Red Cross Offer Fire Safety Tips To Oklahomans

17 Jan

Monday, January 16, 2012, was not only a day to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day but also be a great day to remind families on how to avoid fires in their homes. A number of volunteers from the American Red Cross spent the day roaming around Oklahoma City, spreading helpful tips on house fire prevention.

Different volunteers from the American Red Cross started going door-to-door to various homes in the city to inform families on tips for preventing house fires. Officials of American Red Cross are hoping to prevent more house fires in the future and this great method to spread some information around the community.

Officials also said that many of their volunteers have already been responding to about 57 homes and apartment fires within central and western Oklahoma. At the start of the New Year, there have already been 12 house fires. Rusty Surette, Director of Communications, added that this time of the year is very important as many cases of home fires will happen during this time. People should think of fire safety when they cook or heat their houses.

Aside from imparting various fire prevention tips to the residents, volunteers also left safety-tip door hangers in houses that are locked or without people at home. These hangers also include tips on how to avoid fire, including heating tips, cooking tips, smoke alarms and even a fire escape plan.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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