4 Ways to Hide Your Kitchen Appliances

9 Feb

Even though we love our kitchen appliances, there are times when they can make the entire room look overcrowded and unorganized.  This is particularly true for smaller appliances that don’t necessarily blend well the overall theme of the kitchen and, therefore, end up interrupting the design rather than enhancing it.

To avoid the dilemma of getting rid of useful appliances or compromising on the look of your kitchen, simply hide your kitchen appliances!  It may sound absurd and impractical, but in fact, it works quite well.

Here are four ways to hide your kitchen appliances and create a clean, clutter-free kitchen…

  • Make your bigger kitchen appliances blend in by choosing a color that is as similar as possible to that of your kitchen cabinets. There are also many kitchen appliances that come with a faux cabinet door option, which means you can put them exactly where you want to and use them at will without having them stand out.
  • Hide smaller appliances like your coffee maker, toaster, and blender inside your cabinets.  Ideally, you should place them in lower cabinets, so you can easily reach for them whenever you need them.
  • Install custom panels to hide large appliances like your refrigerator or oven. Whenever you’re not using the devices, you can hide them by simply sliding the panel to cover them.  If you want to give the panel additional function, use the front of it as a chalkboard, whiteboard, or cork board, so you can continually add to your grocery list, post a breakdown of chores, etc.
  • Use a rolling kitchen island to store your small appliances.  You can easily access them when you need them, but when they are not in use, you can store them neatly, and even roll the island to a corner of the room if you are entertaining guests.  Once you need your appliances again, just unlock the wheels of the island and roll it to the nearest outlet.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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