American Indian Cultural Center and Museum Near Completion of Funding

9 Apr

The American Indian Cultural Center and Museum will soon be arising in the heart of Indian Country in Oklahoma City. The center will serve as a venue for showcasing the rich history, culture, and arts of the American Indian in Oklahoma. Exhibits, a large array of collections, a discovery center, films, and live performances are some of the features that will soon make the AICCM a world-class destination.

The State Capitol announced last week that the museum is near its $40 million funding match. According to Blake Wade, Executive Director of the Native American Cultural Authority, the $40 million fund was raised privately by the City of Oklahoma, leaders around the state, and various Native American tribes. The $40 million funding match from the State Capitol will help establish a more definitive date of completion since the museum will have the money needed to keep construction moving forward.  Wade added that with the $80 million fund, the AICCM should be able to open its doors to the public before December 2014.

The AICCM is strategically located at the intersection of I-35 and I-40. Once completed, it will be a wonderful avenue for sharing with the world the values of the Native American culture through its traditions, literary showcases, language, and music.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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