Garage Sale Tips: How To Run A Successful Yard Sale

23 Apr

Spring cleaning is in season! With lots of things to organize and clean, you may be left with several boxes of unused things that may clutter space in your attic or garage. Throwing them out would be an impractical idea unless they are already beyond repair. What better way to get rid of this still-useful junk than to have a yard sale? Set up a make-shift store in your front yard, have friends over and earn extra money from your unwanted goods.

Throwing a garage sale also requires the right strategies in order to be successful. It is sometimes not enough to pull out some tables, set up the things you want to sell and wait for your customers. You might get a few buys each day but would you rather have more customers overall in just one day? Of course! So, gather up all your garage-sale gear and follow these tips for a more successful yard sale:

  • Create some extra entertainment. While you do a garage sale, have a lemonade stand too. Add in some hotdogs on sticks, corndogs and popcorn to offer more options for your potential buyers. Decorate with balloons and play some lively music.
  • Promote. Put up some advertisements like colorful signs that guide your buyers towards your front yard or have a kid ride a bike with a small board that promotes your garage sale. Hand out pamphlets days before your garage sale.
  • Make your “store” more inviting. Potential buyers are often intimidated by dark garages. So, set up your garage sale to where it is convenient to browse. Also make sure to plan your presentation like classifying your things on separate tables and placing huge cardboard labels for every category.
  • Be accommodating. Good customer service is always a key ingredient to a successful business. Extend your help to potential buyers. Ask what they are looking for and offer them recommendations. Most importantly, always talk to them with a smile, whether they buy something or not.
  • Price reasonably. Remember, buyers would expect a discounted price given that items at garage sales are second-hand goods. Do not price an item with the same price as you had bought it years ago. Try to slash off at least 50%. But, don’t price too cheap. Provide allowances so you can allow your buyers to negotiate.
  • Bring out things that are still useful like toys, collections, working appliances and even homemade items. People who normally buy at yard sales tend to look for items that are still very functional.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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