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Honoring Our History Tour Comes To Oklahoma City On June 1

29 May

A World War I travelling gallery is set to make a stop for public viewing in Oklahoma City on Friday, June 1. The “Honoring Our History Tour of the National World War I Museum” will come to Oklahoma to feature artifacts from World War I in honor of the men and women who served the country during those times.

“Honoring Our History Tour” is a traveling gallery formed by WWI veterans, Chauncey Waddell and Cameron Reed. Since 1937, the travelling gallery in a custom-made 18-wheeler truck that roams the country to exhibit weapons, uniforms, flags and other artifacts of WWI for the people. Its goal is to exhibit the honor and remembrance of all men and women involved in World War I and that their sacrifices will never be forgotten.

The travelling gallery also features a walk-through area where visitors can also experience the environment during the war. There are also video and audio tracks of the war as well as historical descriptors.

In celebration of Waddell & Reed’s 75th anniversary this year, the “Honoring Our History Tour” will be travelling to 75 Waddell & Reed communities. It will be a year-long celebration to honor Waddell and Reed as well as other veterans of the World War I. Oklahoma City is proud to be one of those cities, which will host the tour exhibition at the 45th Infantry Division Museum.

The exhibit will be open to the public and free of admission. Those who want to visit the exhibit can also offer financial donations, which will be divided equally between the National World War I Museum in Kansas City at and the 45th Infantry Division Museum in Oklahoma City.

Jennifer Fields
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Greening Your Garage

24 May

Greening your garage is as important as greening your kitchen or bathroom because it contains harmful pesticides and chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. Not only will it reduce waste and save energy, but it will also protect your family from being around toxic substances.

Here are some useful tips on how you can make your garage greener:

  • Use recycled water when washing your car instead of a fresh supply.  An example of recycled is rinse water from your laundry.  Instead of throwing it away, maximize its use.
  • Always organize and clean your garage. Even if your garage essentially serves as a storage room, regular maintenance will keeps it free of clutter, clean, safe.
  • Properly dispose of all used oil, chemicals, and other fluids that can be harmful to the environment. Ask a waste disposal team for information on the proper disposal procedures.
  • Forget about placing a fridge inside the garage. It may be very convenient for you to grab a beer or soda in the fridge while working inside your garage, but keep in mind that having two fridges inside the house doubles your energy consumption.  Keep only one fridge in the kitchen – walking a short distance will be good exercise.
  • Remove junk from your garage and properly dispose of it. For items that can still be used, reuse or repurpose them.  If there are items that you don’t want anymore, but that can still be used, rather than throw them away, find a good home for it where it will actually be used or donate it.
  • Avoid using devices that leave large carbon footprints, such as gas-powered mowers and other devices.  Use electrical devices instead.
  • Use energy-efficient lighting such as compact fluorescent and avoid using or replace your incandescent bulbs.
  • Repaint your garage walls with low or no-VOC formula, which is safe for the body and for the environment.

Jennifer Fields
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Screen Door Benefits: Function And Style

22 May

To create additional protection for their houses, many homeowners are installing screen doors on their front doors.  Not only do they provide an extra barrier to entry that enables you to open your main doors, but they are also great for ventilation and open air living and can even add to curb appeal.

Sometimes homeowners can be hesitant to install screen doors because they worry about potential drawbacks.  Some don’t like the idea of a screen door slamming.  Some worry about how to clean them.  Still others aren’t sure if they want to deal with opening two doors every time they enter their house or come home with groceries.  In reality, however, there are many benefits of screen doors that counterbalance potential drawbacks and create an even greater reason to install them.

Here are some of the benefits that screen doors can provide to homeowners:

  • Added ventilation inside the house is one of the primary benefit of screen doors.  Good, fresh air can enter and bad, stale air can easily escape. This, in turn, can save you money on your utility bills, as it lessens the need for air conditioning.
  • Screen doors offer added security to your home by providing one more layer of locked entrance.
  • They are easy to maintain because their components are made of advanced materials that help to prevent rusting and damage.
  • They keep out pests and flying insects, such as mosquitoes and flies.  Unlike traditional doors, screen doors have the ability to enclose your home and protect it against the elements, while still allowing for ventilation and natural air flow.
  • In smaller houses, screen doors can make rooms feel bigger because they provide a view to the outside world and make the room feel more open.
  • Screen doors add natural lighting to the house.  This allows your home to feel bright even without turning the lights on during the day, which also helps to lower electricity costs.
  • Heat trapped inside the house during the summer or while cooking is minimized because it can easily escape through the screen doors.

Screen doors are offered in various colors, types of materials, and architectural designs that allow you to enhance the beauty of your home and matching it to your interiors.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent

Oklahoma City Police Department Enforces the Use of Seat Belts

21 May

Thousands of people die every year due to road accidents. In Oklahoma alone, nearly 700 people have died on the road since 2010, and a large percentage of them were killed because they were not wearing their seatbelts.

To avoid future accidents and to save more lives, law enforcement agencies in Oklahoma will be implementing their yearly “Click It or Ticket” mobilization program that strictly enforces the issuance of tickets to drivers and passengers who do not wear their seatbelts. Starting on May 21 and lasting through June 3, police officers will  be setting up check points to inspect vehicles and crack down on those who do not buckle up.

Drivers and passengers must wear their seat belts at all times, and those who fail to do so will be issued a ticket immediately without any warnings.  Drivers and passengers age 13 and older are required to use their seatbelts every time the vehicle operates. Children under 13 years of age must also be fastened safety, but the means may vary, depending on their weight and age.

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Edmond Offers Summer Conservation Program Via Outdoor Watering Schedule

17 May

Summer in Edmond will mean double or triple rates of regular water consumption. Instead of the normal water use of about 10 million gallons each day in the city, Edmond would more or less reach nearly 22 million gallons consumed daily during the summer. This is due to increased usage of water for things tasks such as watering the lawn and cleaning the cars.

To prevent water shortages during the summer, city officials in Edmond will be implementing an outdoor watering schedule starting June 1 until Oct 1 to regulate the use of outdoor watering for its residents. Watering outside the house or business will be done on schedule depending on the address number of the house or business address. There will be one weekday and one weekend day for outdoor lawn watering. Also, no watering of lawns will be allowed from 7 pm till midnight.

The summer water conservation of Edmond will be done on four levels, depending on the demand as well as supply of water in the city. The first level is voluntary conservation, where the program will be available for those who want to participate. The second level will make watering schedules and time restrictions mandatory. This means that all residents will be required to conform to the watering schedule.

The third level will prevent all lawn watering during the weekend and even the washing of vehicles. Lastly, the fourth level forbids any use of water outdoors at any time of the day.

Although the new watering schedule is mandatory at level two, there are also exceptions. Car wash businesses are exempted from the prohibition of washing vehicles. Also, shrubs at home can still be watered anytime of the day, as long as a hand held hose is used.


Jennifer Fields
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Oklahoma City EMSA To Operate More Efficient Dispatch System

15 May

Emergency situations require instantaneous responses from medical service groups as well as the authorities. For the Oklahoma City Emergency Medical Services Authority, an efficient dispatch system has long been needed that would enable firefighters, police and paramedics to communicate to each other in events of emergencies on the same channel.

It seems, their answer has finally arrived – a new dispatch system will soon operate within Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) after its long holdup due to technical issues from the software company. The dispatch system made by the TriTech Software Systems will enable EMSA to get in touch with the authorities more quickly when emergency situations call for their assistance.

The interface system is similar to the communication systems used by police and firefighters to communicate with each other. Firefighters too will soon have better information on given situations and respond even earlier. In addition, it will save the city more fuel expenses as fire trucks and ambulances can stay parked while waiting for needed dispatch versus responding to every call if they are not needed.

The dispatch system was actually set to go into effect as early as the first months of 2011. However, due to technical problems on the part of of TriTech Software Systems, the launch of the new system was moved to 2012. Nevertheless, the long wait will soon end after the first successfully test mode last Friday. Tritech said that the system is now ready to be put into operation this week.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent

Nine Ways to Protect Your Home While You’re Away

14 May

Usually, when we travel, the whole family comes along, leaving no one to watch over the house.   This poses an attractive bait to thieves and burglars, and even if we spend a our vacation relaxing, we can’t help but worry about whether or not our house is protected well enough from possible burglary.

While you are away from your home and no one is left to watch over it, you can still make sure that your house is well-protected from unwanted entry. Secure your belongings and seek help from your neighbors and relatives. so you can be assured that no unwelcomed visitors get inside your house.

Here are nine ways you can protect your home while you are away:

  • Time your lights, so they come on automatically.  No one will suspect that nobody is home if they can see lights on in the house.  Set them to turn on when it begins to get dark and turned off when the sun begins to rise.
  • Trims your trees and shrubs before you leave, so there will be no place for burglars to hide.
  • Have someone reliable, like a relative or close friend, house sit for you.  It will give you peace of mind knowing someone is on your property while you’re gone.
  • Avoid announcing online, or anywhere, that you and your family are going on vacation. This will tip off burglars.
  • Open your blinds and curtains, so neighbors and the police can see if there is someone inside. Closing them will be more attractive to burglars because they will be less likely to be caught if they enter your house.
  • Cancel your mail and deliveries. Otherwise, have your neighbors pick up your mail for you. Leaving a parcel or a bunch of mail on your doorstep immediately gives off the impression that you’re not at home.
  • Hire someone to mow your lawn while you are away. A trimmed lawn indicates that someone is at home taking care of it. Untrimmed lawns look neglected, which will lead thieve to believe that no one is home.
  • Secure all of your valuables.  Either hide them away or put them in a safe, so a potential burglar would be less likely to find them.
  •  Use your alarm system. This will notify your neighbors and the police that there has been an unwarranted entry into your home. Just make sure your house-sitter knows about it too.

Jennifer Fields
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