Elegant Wall-to-Wall Shelving for Your Home

10 May

Shelving can add storage and space to any part of the house. Using functional shelves can reduce clutter and open up more floor space.  Choosing stylish shelves can add further beauty to the room, thus creating a functional design element.

Wall-to-wall shelves are functional and classy layers that are not only useful for display and storage, but are also very stylish. There are many styles of wall-to-wall shelving that can accommodate varying needs and aesthetic preferences, as well as space limitations, location, and primary function.

Below are some designs ideas to consider for your wall-to-wall shelving:

  • Use wall-to-wall shelves to house your book collection and transform one small part of your home into a cozy reading area.  Even if the dimensions of the area are small, you can build your shelving up all the way to the ceiling. You can use a small, moving ladder to reach the top compartments and add a cozy lounge chair to complete the picture.
  • Make your dining room a display of wine collections, china sets, or artistic plates. Fill upper panels with items you want to display and use the lower section for storage or built in seating.
  • Do not leave your entrance wall barren. Instead, fill wall-to-wall shelves with books, collections, and tiny antique pieces for display.
  • Create a wider perspective in a small space by using open shelving. Bathrooms can benefit from this because it provides storage for towels and toiletries, yet widens the view of the room.
  • Form patterns with different sized shelves to add a stylish element to your room.  You can arrange shelves in ascending and descending patterns or in a zigzag shape. Paint the wall background with different bold colors for a more striking look.
  • Use wall-to-wall shelving to personalize your child’s room by displaying achievements and memorable photos.
  • Use under-shelf lighting to emphasize and enhance the items you have put on display.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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