Oklahoma City EMSA To Operate More Efficient Dispatch System

15 May

Emergency situations require instantaneous responses from medical service groups as well as the authorities. For the Oklahoma City Emergency Medical Services Authority, an efficient dispatch system has long been needed that would enable firefighters, police and paramedics to communicate to each other in events of emergencies on the same channel.

It seems, their answer has finally arrived – a new dispatch system will soon operate within Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) after its long holdup due to technical issues from the software company. The dispatch system made by the TriTech Software Systems will enable EMSA to get in touch with the authorities more quickly when emergency situations call for their assistance.

The interface system is similar to the communication systems used by police and firefighters to communicate with each other. Firefighters too will soon have better information on given situations and respond even earlier. In addition, it will save the city more fuel expenses as fire trucks and ambulances can stay parked while waiting for needed dispatch versus responding to every call if they are not needed.

The dispatch system was actually set to go into effect as early as the first months of 2011. However, due to technical problems on the part of of TriTech Software Systems, the launch of the new system was moved to 2012. Nevertheless, the long wait will soon end after the first successfully test mode last Friday. Tritech said that the system is now ready to be put into operation this week.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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