Edmond Offers Summer Conservation Program Via Outdoor Watering Schedule

17 May

Summer in Edmond will mean double or triple rates of regular water consumption. Instead of the normal water use of about 10 million gallons each day in the city, Edmond would more or less reach nearly 22 million gallons consumed daily during the summer. This is due to increased usage of water for things tasks such as watering the lawn and cleaning the cars.

To prevent water shortages during the summer, city officials in Edmond will be implementing an outdoor watering schedule starting June 1 until Oct 1 to regulate the use of outdoor watering for its residents. Watering outside the house or business will be done on schedule depending on the address number of the house or business address. There will be one weekday and one weekend day for outdoor lawn watering. Also, no watering of lawns will be allowed from 7 pm till midnight.

The summer water conservation of Edmond will be done on four levels, depending on the demand as well as supply of water in the city. The first level is voluntary conservation, where the program will be available for those who want to participate. The second level will make watering schedules and time restrictions mandatory. This means that all residents will be required to conform to the watering schedule.

The third level will prevent all lawn watering during the weekend and even the washing of vehicles. Lastly, the fourth level forbids any use of water outdoors at any time of the day.

Although the new watering schedule is mandatory at level two, there are also exceptions. Car wash businesses are exempted from the prohibition of washing vehicles. Also, shrubs at home can still be watered anytime of the day, as long as a hand held hose is used.


Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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