Edmond Library Offers Summer Reading Program For Kids

5 Jun

Kids who want to enjoy reading during the summer can now join the summer reading program offered by Edmond Library. It is a summer-long series where kids will be presented with interactive and creative reading materials to enhance their reading skills over the summer while simultaneously having fun.

Edmond Library’s Summer Reading Program kicked off last Friday and more than 649 children have already signed up for the program. Those who still want to join the summer series can do so by signing up at the library located at 10 S. Boulevard, anytime throughout the summer. The reading program will end at July 31, in time for parents and children to prepare for the next school year.

The reading program is open to children from birth to school age as well as teens. Parents who sign up their kids for the program believe it to be a great way for kids to enjoy their summer learning while playing with other kids. Other parents think that it will be a good way for kids to retain what they have learned over the previous school year.

There will be different levels in the program, each appropriate for a specific age. Game boards are assigned to each age, which enables kids to earn prizes by following the path during the reading program. Assignments will be provided depending on the age of the kid including counting the stars, singing a song, attending a library program and practicing nursery rhymes. Prizes include library backpacks, book coupons, gift certificates and glow-in-the-dark moon balls.

Assisting in the Edmond Library summer reading program are 49 middle school and high school student volunteers. The library is expecting to check out about 8,000 books thus volunteers and staff will be keeping plenty busy with assisting parents and kids with their reading program.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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