Decorating with Your Kids’ Art

21 Jun

We love the works of art that our kids create, and it’s exciting to see what they’re going to show us when they come home from school. Is it a picture of a colorful flower or a family in front of a huge house? Will there be new animals this time or the usual stick figures? Whatever the final product is, we love it and usually want to hang it somewhere inside the house.

Even though kids like to showcase their pieces of art inside their own bedrooms, it doesn’t have to be confined there.  In order to prevent artwork overload in your kids’ bedrooms and simultaneously share their work with everyone, you can hang their masterpieces in unconventional places like the hallway, the kitchen, or your home office.

Here are a few creative ways to decorate your home using your kids’ artwork:

  • Frame it. This is actually a common practice in many households.  Simply select a few of your child’s best creations and frame them.
  • Incorporate it in functional items.  For example, you can choose your favorite piece of artwork and add it to your morning tray. Laminate the artwork and stick it on top of your tray, and you’ll always be able to see your child’s work while drinking coffee or bringing morning tea to your house guests.  You can also have the artwork printed onto fabric to create a blanket, throw pillows, or even your kids’ bed linens.
  • Create a huge gallery. In one corner of a room, fill the empty walls with all of your child’s artwork in a collage style.  Make sure that each piece is well-protected in a frame, so they cannot be damaged easily.
  • Hang them – literally! Use a long wire or twine to hang pages of art as though they were photos that were hanging to dry. You can string each end of the wire or twine to end hooks and use decorative wooden clothespin to hang their artwork.
  • Stick them in cabinets. Laminate some of their smaller drawings and attach them, using glue or tape, to the inside of your cabinets, so you see them every time you reach for something.
  • Create a personalized refrigerator magnet. Rather than buying magnets for your fridge, create your own using your kids’ artwork. Cut out small pieces of their drawings, laminate them, and glue a magnet on each one.
  • Keep it as a reminder in your home office. Working at home sometimes blurs the lines between your work and personal life, so use your child’s artwork as a reminder that they need your time and attention too.  Place their art beneath the glass on top of your desk or frame it, so you can look at it all day and remind yourself of when it’s quitting time.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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