OKC Offers More Advanced Parking Meters Starting in July

26 Jun

As part of Project 180, OKC city officials are planning to replace the old parking meters with a more advanced system. The Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking Authority recently added over 600 on-street parking spaces downtown, so in line with those changes, they decided it was time to replace the old coin meters with more versatile pay stations.

Project 180 is a four-year city improvement initiative to implement ways to clean up the streets and sidewalks as well as provide more convenient facilities. With a budget of $160 million, Project 180 aims to redesign the streets and public parks and plazas through decorative street lighting, marked bike lanes, landscaping, and on-street parking spaces.

To better provide a convenient public parking, over 125 solar-powered pay stations will be installed in parking spaces, which will accept both coins and credit cards. The first phase of the meters will be installed at the Myriad gardens on Reno, Robinson, and Hudson streets. City officials said that installations will occur every two weeks, and the first phase of meters will begin operating on July 16.

The new digital meters will be easy to use, and unlike the older mechanical meters, they will accept credit cards in addition to coins.  A receipt will be printed for the driver to place on the front driver’s side windshield to make it visible. If the driver returns to their car before the time has expired, they can leave the receipt on their dashboard and transfer to another parking space without paying again.

There will be a minimum parking fee of 75 for 30-minute parking in either the one hour or two hour parking zones. One-hour meters will have blue caps, while two-hour meters will have orange ones.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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