Improvement Ideas for Your Outdoor Deck

19 Jul

Outdoor decks are very popular this time of the year, when everyone wants to spend time outside and enjoy the warm weather.  Since decks often serve as additional outdoor rooms during the summer months, you want to be sure you feel comfortable.  There are many ways you can make improvements to your deck to make hosting unforgettable parties and partaking in mid-afternoon rest and relaxation even more enjoyable.

Below are some ideas you can use when making improvements to your outdoor deck:

  • Use decorative railings. Most people have basic, ordinary deck railings whose primary purpose is to serve as a safety measure. But, by enhancing your outdoor railings with something unexpected like glass panels or wooden rails, you would be surprised by how beautifully it transforms your deck.
  • Add a roof on your deck.  It will act as a shield from possible rain and sunlight and make the space more comfortable.
  • Screen your deck. Adding a screen to your deck will enhance its privacy. If you have an unattractive backyard you’d rather not look at or simply want to hide yourself from the view of your neighbors, screening is the perfect solution.
  • Add flowers. By setting something fresh and natural on your deck, it will easily blend in with your surroundings and serve as natural decor.  You can position potted plants near the stairs, hang plants above the railings, or even add a nice bouquet of flowers to serve as your table centerpiece.
  • Add ambient decorative lighting. Your deck can still be used at night if you add lighting, and it will create a relaxing, pleasant tone. Hide small lighting fixtures in each corner of your deck for a dramatic look or install tall lampposts for brighter lighting.
  • Fill your seats with colorful and comfy pillows. Make your deck better suited to lounging with friends and family by adding fun pillows that are comfortable to sit on, hug, and hold.
  • Arrange some rugs. Adding an area rug beneath your outdoor table or seating will make it feel like you’ve brought the indoors outside.
  • Add a hammock. Make your deck a place you would want to enjoy every day by adding a hammock.  It’s the perfect place to read a book on a warm afternoon or watch the kids play outside. You can even sneak in a power nap to reenergize you for the rest of the day.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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