Adding More Storage Space to Your Closet

23 Jul

The lack of space in our closets sometimes keeps us from organizing our things. When there’s not very much space to store your clothes, it’s easy to just toss things anywhere. This leads to even more cluttered closet space and less room for your things.

Organizing your closet will enable you to make more space for your new things. In addition, it will also help you identify ways to create extra space and make everything easy to find. Below are some clever ideas on how you can add more space to your closet:

  • Make it seasonal.  Whether it’s a winter coat or a summer hat, we usually want all of our clothes within reach in our closets and cabinets. However, when you’re dealing with limited space, everything tends to fall out of place. Make your closet more seasonal by only putting things in it that are appropriate for the season and storing clothing for other seasons away. In addition, make permanent storage solutions that can be useful for all seasons, like hooks for winter coats, which can also be used to hang umbrellas.
  • Hang your clothes. Clothes take up more space if they are folded and stacked. To create more space for your other things, try to hang your clothes instead.  Hang clothes together by length, so you have sections of space below that can be utilized for storing boxes or shoes.
  • Use the door. Don’t ignore the extra thin space between your things and the door. That space can be used to store smaller things like extra towels, and accessories. You can also hang a shoe rack on the back of the door to maximize that space and store multiple pairs of shoes.
  • Make sure of shoe boxes. Oftentimes, we leave our shoes around the floor when we take them off, and we end up with only a few of them actually remaining in the closet.  Placing them in shoe boxes will not only protect them from dust, but it will also enable you to stack them neatly inside the closet make more room for new shoes.
  • Use bins with smaller compartments. If you have a number of small items stored in your closet, organize them by separating them into their own compartments. Throwing everything into a big box will cause it to become disorganized and tangled, making it hard to find something when you need it.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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