Which Builder Upgrades to Choose

26 Jul

When buying a new home, our minds become active as we imagine ways to enhance the space and personalize it to our liking.  Even if you’ve purchased your dream home, there are always going to be little details, like adjusting the size of the interior trim, that can be tweaked to make things look even better.

If you’re purchasing a new home, builders usually offer upgrades that allow homeowners to address some of those details at an additional price.  Even though you incur an extra expense up front when you choose an upgrade,  you can actually save more money (and a huge amount of time) in the long run.  Upgrading a house while it is built versus making changes later on allows you to get exactly what you want without dealing with the hassles of remodeling or the structural limitations of the existing framework.

So, if you plan to purchase builder upgrades, here are a few suggestions:

  • Additional Structures – If you want to add an extra bathroom or garage to your new home, it’s best to make that decision before your house is built. Adding things later will only cost you more in materials, labor, and time.
  • Extra Kitchen Cabinets – Your kitchen cabinets should be installed and completed before the rest of your kitchen is finished. Backsplashes and plumbing are difficult to remove and reposition, and it is usually quite expensive to do so.  So, you want to avoid installing utility-related hardware and finishes until you know exactly where they need to be located in relation to the cabinets.
  • New Floors – Upgrades to your floors may still be available in the future, but in consider the hassle and inconvenience of ripping up your old floors to install new ones. It requires removing everything from the rooms where the floors will be changed, and in a way, you almost end up moving out and then back in. Builder upgrades to floors can sometimes be cheaper if done while the house the house is still under construction or if bundled with additional upgrades.
  • Electrical and Plumbing upgrades – If you anticipate you will be adding additional electrical outlets in your house or adding another sink to one of the bathrooms, it’s best to upgrade your electrical and plumbing hook ups now. Doing so later will require breaking into walls, repairing them, matching materials, and doing segmented work that can sometimes produce more complications than a job that was completed all at once. The costs add up very quickly.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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