Tips for Choosing the Color of Your House

9 Aug

Due to the endless selection of colors available for your home exterior, it can be difficult to decide which one to use.  The process of choosing usually involves a lot of back-and-forth, so to help you pick the most appropriate color, consider these tips:

  • Look around the neighborhood. Unless you have the guts to do something totally different, try to maintain the general theme of your neighborhood. If most homes are painted in neutrals, then try to stay within that color range, so your house won’t appear out of place. If your neighborhood sports lots of different colors, you have more flexibility.
  • Keep in mind the design and structure of your house. Particular house structures often require more neutral paint colors in order to look elegant and appropriate. Other houses, in the Victorian style, for example, look better with colors.  So, stick to what is best for the house structure itself.
  • Go light to make your house look bigger. Small houses can benefit from light paint colors because they make them look bigger.
  • Make it stand out. Either go bold or go light. Your home will stand out if painted light in a more crowded surrounding or bold in a free and more open environment.
  • Check your surroundings. If your surroundings have lots of trees and green bushes, try to stick to neutral earth tones like browns and greens. Houses near the beach or where it is always sunny may look better with warmer colors like shades of yellow.
  • Mix contrasting colors. Using contrasting colors for your base and trim will highlight every detail of your home exterior to make it more impressive and interesting.
  • Match your paint color with fixed elements of your house. Fixed elements include things like bricks and stone that are already permanent when it comes to color and design. If you do not plan to paint these elements, try to coordinate with them.


Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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