Creating A Greener Bedroom At Home

27 Aug

The room in your house that provides the most peaceful retreat should be your bedroom. This is the place where you rest and sleep, so in addition to being peaceful, it should also be clean.  There are ways you can clean your bedroom that keep it well-maintained and safe for the environment.

One way to start making your bedroom more eco-friendly is by using organic bedding. Buying an eco-friendly mattress and pillows will not only reduce the buildup of synthetic mattresses in landfills, but it will also be better for your health. Organic bedding is made of more natural materials, so you suffer fewer allergic reactions.

Cleaning the air is another way to create a greener bedroom. Though we love to turn up the air conditioning on hot days, nothing beats the goodness of fresh air. During the day, allow fresh air to come in. Open up the windows to let the air circulate well and push the stale air out. You can even add fresh potted plants to your bedroom to help in cleaning your air.

Your bedroom walls are another aspect of your room that can be made greener. Instead of using paints that are high in VOCs and other toxins, use low-VOC paints. Not only do they produce a weaker odor when painting, but they are less harmful both to the environment and to your health. Paints high in toxics often release ammonia, benzene, and xylene in the air.

Finally, avoid having too many things inside your bedroom. As much as possible, avoid having carpet and rugs in your room, as they are usually made of synthetic fibers that may contain harmful elements. In addition, dust and other contaminants tend to collected in the fabric, which leads to worse allergies.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent





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