Increasing Your Closet Space Inexpensively

10 Sep

Having a small closet is inconvenient, especially when you come home from a shopping spree with new clothes and shoes, and you have nowhere to put them.  The more things you put into your closet, the more crowded it gets, and it leaves you with no other option than to store some of your clothes in a different location to free up some space.

However, in reality, taking out some of our old clothes to make way for new ones isn’t the only option. You can create more room in your closet by maximizing every inch of space. The thought of renovating a closet brings to mind dollar signs, but there are ways you can increase your closet space relatively inexpensively.

Below are some tips on how you can maximize the space in your closet with minimal costs:

  • Divide the space. Using shelf dividers, you can maximize the shelf space in your closet. Divide each shelf space based on your needs.  For example, one part for shirts and another part for shorts. Shelf dividers may not actually increase your shelf space, but they can help you organize your clothes in a way that is more efficient.
  • Put a shoe rack on the floor. The space below your hanging rods is frequently underutilized, so why not make use of it to store your shoes neatly instead of piling them on the floor?
  • Make use of the walls. Many people don’t realize it, but closet walls offer a huge free space for added storage. While you may not be able to put your clothes on the wall, you can hang other things like hats, umbrellas, jackets, coats, ties, scarves, and bags.  Having all of your accessories in one place also makes them more accessible.
  • Use two levels of hanging rods in your closet. Instead of folding your clothes, why not hang them for added space? Hanging your clothes frees up shelving space. You can hang all of your shirts, jackets, formal wear and office attire and keep the shelf space for sweaters and smaller items like pajamas, underwear, and socks.
  • Use a small container for small items. This will help you organize your smaller things and avoid creating clutter. Use a jar or decorative basket to hold your small items like keys and wallets.
  • Use the top portion of your closet. The uppermost portion of your shelves can be used for clothes that are off season. Store your off-season clothes in boxes and bins, so they can be easily stacked and arranged. Then, the items you have hanging right in front of you are all ones you can wear in that particular season.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent





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