New Boating Bill Soon To Be Introduced In Oklahoma

11 Sep

A new bill for boating will soon be introduced to Oklahomans in order to improve safety among boaters. The bill is aimed to prevent a number of boating accidents which occur every year,  especially amongst boaters who are minors manning the boats – or simply amateurs who are not as familiar with operating their boats as they should be.

Ardmore Republican Representative Pat Ownbey, as well as members of the House Public Safety Committee, held a legislative interim study investigating how to improve safety among boaters following a death of an Ardmore woman last May that resulted from a nighttime boating accident. Ownbey is considering a bill that will require boaters to go through trainings prior to being allowed to operate their boats publically.

According to Ownbey, new boaters will need to go through a compulsory boating education course before they can start operating their boats within the waterways of the state. Teens from ages 12 to 16 who will be operating their own boats will need to go through this mandatory education course as well – even if they are not the ones who purchased the watercraft. More experienced boaters, however, will be excused from undergoing this mandatory educational training.

Ownbey indicates that a set age bracket will be used to determine if individuals are qualified for exemption of the training. If the age of an individual falls after that certain date, they simply will not be required to take the course.

Jennifer Fields
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