Citizen Performance Report Shows Excellent Marks for Oklahoma City Council

18 Sep

The Oklahoma City Council’s performance has recently been made public, thanks to their great effort in implementing a Citizen Performance Report about local government. The report keeps track of the city council’s performance by using internal performance guidelines and surveying residents to determine whether or they are meeting their goals.

The Citizen Performance Report in Oklahoma City has been going on for three years. The city’s officials have been creating surveys for different aspects of the government and encouraging resident feedback, so they can evaluate the effects of their decisions and project implementations. This feedback is then compared to their internal performance markers to help them evaluate if they are accomplishing their goals in a satisfactory manner.

This year, the Citizen Performance Report for Oklahoma City  an excellent rate with reports revealing how the city council accomplished its state goals. According to the report released last week, the nine priorities set by the city council have been accomplished successfully based on feedback from the community surveys and internal performance indicators.

The city’s nine priorities centered on:

  • enhancing quality of life
  • ensuring citizen safety
  • expanding economic development initiatives
  • focusing on infrastructure development
  • gaining greater government efficiency
  • improving public education
  • increasing effectiveness and sustainability of public transportation
  • preserving confidence and trust in the city government
  • promoting a sustainable financial model

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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