Dressing Up Your Four-Posted Bed

27 Sep

While four-posted beds are not as common as they used to be, many people still use them in their homes. Most of these beds are handed down from one generation to the next and are incredibly sturdy and durable. When it comes to using them in modern homes, however, the most common dilemma homeowners face is how to dress them properly.

If you have a four-posted bed, it is important to dress it appropriately so it does not look too plain or come off as overbearing. Fortunately, there are many ways you can do that:

  • Go for the usual. If you have a more classic design in your bedroom, then go for a classic bed arrangement as well. Install full dust ruffles with thick curtains around the bed and a full canopy on top.  Install the curtains so they can be closed for privacy or pushed toward the posts to expose the bed.
  • Add curtains to the sides. You can still fully surround your bed with curtains without having a canopy on top. This way, your bed can feel cozy and airy at the same time.
  • Curtains in the back. Some people prefer to have curtains positioned along the back only and not on the sides. This still adds a simple décor statement to your bed, but keeps it feeling airy and unrestricted.
  • Install a canopy. If you don’t want to add any curtains, yet still don’t want your bed to look plain, add a canopy. A full canopy with nice detailing will instantly make your bed look more elegant and eye-catching.
  • When adding sheets and blankets, tuck them in. Leaving the sides loose on the corners of your bed will look disorganized.
  • Use a bed skirt to cover the bottom part of your bed. Otherwise, keep the space under your bed clean and free of clothing and debris at all times.
  • Make sure your sheets, blankets, curtains, drapes, and canopy coordinate with the color of your bed posts.  As long as they do, everything will blend elegantly.  If they don’t, your bed will likely look messy or out of place.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent





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