Creating the Perfect Fire Pit for Fall

2 Oct

When Fall is in the air, people become inspired to sit outside and enjoy the weather.  Sometimes it nice to have some quiet time reading a book.  Other times, it’s fun to have friends over.  Regardless of how you choose to enjoy the cooler weather, there comes a point where it becomes too chilly to remain outside unless you have some way to stay warm.  Fire pits are a great option for creating warmth and adding a stylish element to your yard.

Here are a few ideas for ways you can add a fire pit to your outdoor living space:

Traditional – Gather big stones and create a circular fire pit in the center of your lawn. Medium sized stones are usually sufficient, but if you want to create a larger fire pit, use bigger stones to sufficiently hold a bigger fire. To add more color to your pit, choose stones in a variety of colors.

Add a Pattern – Go beyond the usual pile of stones and add a more artistic look to your fire pit. Use glass mosaic to decorate the outside of your fire pit with colorful patterns.  Aside from being eye-catching, it also creates a conversation piece when you have friends over.

Dig a Hole – Rather than gathering materials for your fire pit, dug a huge hole instead.  Just make sure that the soil is not so loose that it will fall and extinguish your fire. Also, be sure that you dig the hole deep enough that the fire will be contained and not risk spreading across your lawn.  Adding medium-sized stones around the edge of the pit is also a good idea in terms of keeping the fire contained.

Chiminea – Do you want a mobile fire pit that you can transfer from one place to another?  Then a chiminea is ideal for you. Not only will it enable you to have a bonding time with friends and family anywhere you choose, but it also creates the perfect focal point for small decks or outdoor patios.

Bowl of Art – Instead of the usual pile of rocks, use an artistic steel bowl.  You can make the bowl as simple or as ornate as you would like because there are many styles available.  When you install it, be sure it is properly secured, so the fire doesn’t risk becoming out of control.

Well of Fire – Use bricks or stones to create a more significant circular structure that looks like a watering well. You can even add permanent seating around it for marshmallow roasting and telling stories.

Go Beyond the Circle – Use other shapes for your fire pit and go beyond the circular form.  You can go with a square, a triangle, an octagonal design – basically, anything you can think of that is safe and effective.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent





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