What You Need to Know about Radiant Floor Heating

4 Oct

Walking on cold tiles is uncomfortable and shocking. It’s great when the weather is hotter and you receive its cooling effect.  However, as the weather becomes colder, the last thing you want is to feel even colder inside your house.

Radiant floor heating is one effective solution when it comes to addressing cold floors. Basically, it applies heat directly to your floors, so whenever you walk on them, your feet are soothed by their warmth. Heat from the floor can be achieved by installing electric or tubing system underneath your floor.

There are three basic types of radiant floor heating. First is the electric radiant floor, which is one of the post popular options. It utilizes electricity to provide heat to your floor and runs through electricity-powered cables.  One of the drawbacks of using this type radiant heat is that it increases your electricity usage. However, the heat produced by the wires remains on the floor for quite a while, even if you turn off the system.

Another type is the hydronic heating system. It makes use of water that runs through tubing underneath your floors. A boiler heats the water, which is in turn pumped through the tubes to provide warmth to the entire floor. Many homeowners choose this type of floor heating system since the water supply can also provide heat in specific areas of the house.

Lastly is the air-heated system, which generally circulates heated air throughout tubing. Instead of water, air is used to transfer heat to your floors. This floor heating system is less popular because it does not keep your floors warm for a long time and therefore must run more regularly.

One of the benefits of using radiant floor heating is the comfort factor.  Adding heat to your flooring surfaces will help you and your loved ones feel more comfortable during the cold days. And, you can use the radiant floors to help heat rooms, which allows your central heating units to run less often because the warm air isn’t being absorbed and removed as quickly.
In addition, radiant heating is energy efficient because homeowners can lower their thermostats due to the added warmth inside the room. Heat loss is also reduced since these floor heating systems add insulation to the room, making it hard for the hot air to escape through floors. What’s more, radiant floor heat is quiet, so you can enjoy a relaxed, cozy environment.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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