Smart Things You Need to do During a Power Outage at Home

15 Oct

Unexpected power outages can be very disruptive especially if you have important things underway. It is oftentimes upsetting to be in a middle of a work at home when the power is out. However, we should not let our emotions get in the way of making sure that our home is safe the moment the power is out. Problems may happen such as power surge if we fail to act immediately once we have power outages.

Safety measure during a power outage is important at home. This is to ensure that most things in the house are safe for our use during and after a power outage. Likewise, if we maintain safety at home, we are able to survive even the longest power outage.

To help maintain safety at home during power outage, here are several smart things you need do to:

  • Prepare if you are expecting a power outage. Some instances of power outages are announced thus giving you more time to prepare. If you know that there will be a power outage, prepare your things such as powering up your gadgets, stocking up candles, matches, flashlights and batteries, stocking up water and food and making sure your emergency kit is on hand. This will help you make it through a loss of power especially if it is expected at night or for a few days.
  • Check your neighbor. Once you experience a power outage at home, check if your neighbor has no power too or if you alone have no power. Then, call the electrical company and file a complaint on power outage in your area.
  • Avoid opening your fridge door more often. If you don’t need anything inside your refrigerator, refrain from opening it. Even if there is no power available, your fridge can still retain its coldness for a few hours. Opening it less often will be able to store the cold inside, giving it the essential temperature for your food not to spoil.
  • Unplug all appliances and devices during a power outage. It does take time and effort to search the entire house and unplug these devices but it will definitely help. Power surges happen when appliances and excess devices are plugged in when the power returns. So, save yourself from additional repairs and replacement with just a little effort on your part.
  • Turn off the lights and leave only one light on. You may choose to leave the porch light on so you will know if the power returns. Also, utility men will find it easier to detect if the power returns from the light on your porch.
  • Light a candle first when everyone is still awake so to save the batteries on your flashlight and emergency lights. When you need to go to sleep and the power had not returned, turn off the light in your candle and use a battery-powered light instead. This will avoid possible fire caused by unattended candles.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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