Proper Cleaning Tips for Your Slate Floors

1 Nov

Having slate floors in your kitchen or hallway can add beauty to the space. With the stony and durable appearance of slate floors, your kitchen can be transformed into something elegant and long lasting.

No matter how beautiful a slate floor can be, this type of flooring material, however requires more extensive cleaning and maintenance to ensure its long-lasting beauty. It may not always be enough to clean your slate floors with simple sweeping or with water. A specific slate cleaner is needed to give your slate floor the proper maintenance it needs.

Before you start cleaning your slate floors, sweep away the dirt and dust that may accumulate on the floor with a soft broom or vacuum with soft brush. Avoid using hard brushes on your slate floors, since these can easily scratch.

Then you can dust mop the floor to ensure that all dirt and dust are removed. Don’t forget to clean the edges too. Wet your mop with and remove excess water before mopping your slate floor. Use only a small amount of water when cleaning. Also, do not mix any cleaner with your water. There are cleaning materials that contain harsh elements that can actually be damaging to your slate floors.

If your slate floors are clean and look brand new after mopping with water, simply leave them to dry naturally. However, if your slate floor looks lackluster or worse after cleaning with water, restore its beauty by using a slate cleaner. Make sure to use a cleaner that is specifically made for cleaning slate to avoid further damage on the floor.

Also, take note of special instructions and warnings on how to use the cleaner. This will help you avoid damaging your floors and mishandling them.

If your slate floors lose their shine, you can seal them to add protection and luster. Use the proper sealant on your slate and ensure it is done according to the instructions.  Sealing your slate floors will help protect it from accumulated dust and dirt as well as spills, since slate is porous and will stain easily.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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