Is Your Living Room Ready for Entertaining?

15 Nov

When the holidays come around and friends and family visit, you may need more than the dining room for entertaining. Of course you want to spruce up your dining room for holiday feast, but afterward, most of your guests would love to spend time in the living room for more intimate conversation, games, and other interaction.

Living rooms are actually easy to prepare and decorate for the holidays. Given that they are generally one of the more decorated place in the house to begin with, all you need to do is clean, organize, and add some holiday frills to make the environment look more cheery and festive. But, that’s not all. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Seating – When people come to visit you for the holidays, you don’t want them to have to stand all day. Add more seats in your living room to accommodate more people and encourage conversation. More seats make it more likely for people to sit around and talk.
  • Lighting – Why not set good lighting in your living room to make your guests feel more comfortable and relaxed? Lighting is important because too much or two little can ruin a mood entirely. Add recessed lighting for a more intimate feel.
  • Clutter (no!) – Keep clutter away. Whether it’s papers you are working on or extra pillows, they crowd your living room instead of enhancing it.  So, get rid of clutter or, at the very least, store it away until the holidays are over.
  • Furniture setting – Making your furniture close enough, but not too far apart can lead to a perfect bonding scenario. Furniture must be arranged in a way that encourages intimate conversation within the group.
  • Safety – Kids are usually present at holiday celebration, and while you want to entertain your guests in your living room, you want also want to maintain be sure the kids remain safe.  Keep safety precautions like first aid kits in your living room and pad the edges of your furniture and fireplace to keep them from harming themselves.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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