Designing a French-Inspired Nursery

29 Nov

Decorating babies’ and kids’ rooms is so much fun because you get to explore decor you wouldn’t normally otherwise.  In a nursery, an additional factor is cleanliness and organization to preserve the baby’s safety. You can choose from many different themes for your nursery, but one beautiful one to explore is French-inspired design.

To help you create a lovely French nursery at home, here are a few tips:

  • Tie white ribbons on the crib. You can place one white ribbon on each corner of the crib plus another one in the center. Silky plain white ribbons go well with black, dark wood, and white cribs.
  • Use an antique-style crib with vintage designs on the corners and headboard. You can find these types of cribs in antique stores or you may even have a family heirloom. Just make sure that it is still functional and durable enough for your baby’s safety.
  • Add a personal message or a prayer in French on the wall. Choose a beautiful quote or a lovely message and paint it on your nursery wall. Choose a stylish font for your letters.
  • Install an elegant chandelier. It does not need to be a big chandelier, but just something to add more sophistication to the room. Just make sure that the chandelier is bright enough to light the entire room. Also opt for lower-wattage bulbs that will be softer on your baby’s eyes.
  • Make white your overall motif. White cribs, white rocking chair, white changing table, and white cabinets. If you aren’t keen on all white, you can take a similar approach with a soft, pale color.
  • Add floral drapes and fabric. Choose silky fabrics with floral accents for your drapes or crib curtain. Pillows are also a great way to incorporate floral patterns.
  • Use a vintage table or cabinet. Vintage-inspired changing tables and cabinets will add to your overall French-inspired nursery. Clean them well to thoroughly remove allergens, especially if they have been in storage.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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