Preparing Your Home Entrance for Holiday Guests

11 Dec

Preparing Your Home Entrance for Holiday Guests

As exciting as it is to have guests over for the holidays, sometimes you do so much to prepare for them on the inside that you forget to prepare on the outside for their arrival.  The front door lacks holiday decoration, the walkway outside is too dark, and there seems to be no place to hang their coats. Holiday guests may only stay for a few hours or a few days, but making their stay with you special from the time they arrive will create an experience they will never forget.

Prepare your home entrance for welcoming your holiday guests with these helpful tips:

  • Create a festive welcome. Decorate your foyer with beautiful holiday lights to greet your guests. Make the place bright and fill it with holiday decorations. You may also want to hang a lovely Christmas wreath on your front door.
  • Enhance your main door. Check for possible repairs that should be addressed, like unpleasant cracks or scratches on the door. Give your main door a fresh coat of paint several weeks before your guests arrive. Also check for loose hardware and replace hinges or door knobs if needed.
  • Place a welcome mat at your door. It will make your guests feel welcome and will also protect your floors from snow and mud that may be on your guests’ shoes.
  • Clear the pathway. Starting from your pathway outside up to your hall, clear the way of obstructions like potted plants, garden tools, snow piles, leaves, umbrellas, and shoes.
  • Install hooks for hats and coats. To prevent your guests from bringing their outside clothes into the main part of the house and scattering snow everywhere, have them hang their coats and hats the moment they arrive at your house. Install several hooks near your door entrance or in your mudroom.
  • Provide a place to sit and remove their shoes at the door.  This will protect your home from snow and mud.
  • Check your outdoor lighting. Some of your guests may arrive at night, and it can be hazardous for them to walk up your walkway and stairs without proper lighting. Install outdoor lighting if you don’t already have it, so your walkway is highlighted. If you do have outdoor lighting, check to be sure it is functioning properly  and that it’s bright enough for everyone to see where they are going.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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