Removing Wallpaper the Proper Way

21 Jan

Removing Wallpaper the Proper Way

Hanging wallpaper can bring an interesting design element to your interior. But, what if you get tired of the same pattern? What if you want to remove it? If you want to update your wall, then gather your energy, put aside some time, and remove it from your walls the right way.

Removing wallpaper is usually a difficult task because it is glued to the wall and intended to stick. If you decide to peel off your wallpaper, it will take a lot of time and probably won’t result in a clean, polished result.  It’s better to remove it the right way and have all the tools you need ahead of time, so you don’t waste your time and energy going back and forth to the store and finding yourself with a low-quality result.

The tools you will need depend on the kind of technique you will use. Here are some examples of techniques you can use to remove wallpaper:

  • Steaming – This technique involves a steamer to add moisture to your wallpaper. Simply move the steamer all over your wallpaper to soak it and then peel it off according to the directions on your steamer. If some areas are still hard to peel off, steam them again.
  • Dry Stripping – You can use this technique if your wallpaper is easy to peel off. All you need to do is use a drywall knife to peel off the corner of the wallpaper and then gradually and carefully peel the rest until it is completely removed.
  • Wallpaper removal solution – There are wallpaper removal solutions available in stores these days that help you easily peel off your wallpaper by soaking it with the solution. You can use natural solutions like vinegar and water or ready-made solutions from hardware stores.

It is important to note that before you remove your wallpaper, proper preparation is needed to make sure that no damage or mess is created. Since you will likely be soaking your wallpaper, be sure to have rags on hand to protect your floor.

Once your wallpaper has been removed, clean the wall to remove remaining residue. Prior to installing new wallpaper or painting your walls, prepare your wall to be sure it is clean and smooth.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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