Oklahoma Senate Bill Gives Parents More Power Over Underperforming Schools

29 Jan

Oklahoma Senate Bill Gives Parents More Power Over Underperforming Schools

Parents will soon have the power to improve their children’s education with a new Senate bill being introduced by Senator David Holt and Senator Jabar Shumate. The Parent Empowerment Act will be considered in the 2013 legislative session and will enable parents to sign petitions for the transition of underperforming schools.

Underperforming schools are those that have received a “D” or “F” for the last three years under the new Oklahoma school grading system. Such low ratings may reflect the low performance of the faculty, the school administration, or the students. Given the lack of quality education that results, most parents don’t want their kids to attend these schools because their future is at stake.

Senate Bill 1001, or the Parent Empowerment Act, will give parents the authority to sign a petition that will transform a current underperforming school into a charter school. A charter school will encourage flexibility and unity among parents and teachers because they will be able to work together to improve student performance.  Once the school becomes a charter school, it will continue to serve all students who were previously in attendance, but parents will have the ability to choose to terminate administrators within their petition if they provide justifiable grounds for the school board to evaluate.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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