Kitchen Safety for Kids

4 Feb

Kitchen Safety for Kids

It’s fun to have kids around when you cook their favorite meals. Sometimes they can help you do things like pour flour and sugar or arrange cherries on top of their cupcakes. The biggest concern when you have kids in your kitchen is to make sure that everything around them is safe.

To help you maintain a safe environment for children in your kitchen, here are a few tips to follow:

  • Unplug anything not in use. Make it a habit to unplug appliances after you use them. This will not only help you save energy and lengthen the service life of your appliances, but it will also prevent possible fires or electrocution.
  • Teach your kids never to come near a stove. Tell them that the top of the stove is always hot, so they will never go near it. In addition, never have your kids around when handling boiling water on your stove. Keep them in a safe distance away when cooking.
  • Never allow your kids to use appliances. Sometimes they like to do what adults do and may end up switching on the controls of your microwave or food processor. Keep them away, so they can’t harm themselves.
  • Install door latches on all of your cabinet doors, especially the lower ones. Kids are curious and will try to open any door they see. If you install latches on your cabinet doors, it would keep dishes and cleaning chemicals out of their reach.
  • Always lock your garbage disposal or trash compactor. Make sure that only adults can open the door and turn the device on.
  • Have a lid on your garbage can that cannot easily open. This will prevent your kids from getting into the garbage and making a mess.
  • Keep all sharp objects out of your children’s reach. Place them in a safe place where only you can see them and know where they are.
  • Create a restricted place inside the kitchen. Teach your kids that this particular area is off limits to them, so they know not to go there without you around. If they want to help out, assign a specific area on the counter where they can work.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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