How to Maintain Your Hardwood Floors

7 Feb


Having hardwood floors at home can a beautiful touch of elegance to your interior. However, just like any flooring material, hardwood floors needs to be properly maintained in order to retain their natural beauty and luster. Dirt and dust naturally accumulate on your floor, so regular cleaning is necessary in order to keep them looking fresh at all times.

Here are a few helpful tips to help you properly maintain your floors:

  • Clean regularly. Dirt and dust can easily accumulate on your floors and cause damage. If you regularly sweep, vacuum, or mop your floors, you can prevent dirt and dust from collecting in the cracks of them.  Plus, your floors will always look spic-and-span and show ready in case unexpected guests stop by your house.
  • Install foot covers on your furniture. Scratches are often caused by furniture being moved around. The feet of your furniture can easily scratch your wood floor, and it can be difficult to restore. To prevent such damage, add foot covers on all of your furniture, so even if they are moved, they won’t harm your floors.
  • Clean up spills immediately. Moisture is a major culprit of hardwood floor damage. The moment moisture comes into contact with your floors, it starts to seep in.  To prevent moisture from damaging your floors, wipe away spills, even of water, immediately.
  • Use area rugs and floor runners. Rugs and mats create a barrier between external damaging factors, such as shoes and dirt. Use area rugs in your dining room or living room to protect against spills and floor runners on your stairs to reduce damage caused by heavy traffic flow.
  • Enhance floor protection by staining your hardwood floor. Wood stains do not only make your floor shiny and new always but also provide a protective layer over your floor. If you stain your floor every one or two years, you would be able to retain the beauty of your wooden floor for many long years.
  • Keep pets away. You can teach your kids to help in taking care of your floor but pets will always be pets. Keep your pets in a safe distance from your wooden floor to prevent scratches. Otherwise, always trim those sharp nails.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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