Decorating Ideas for Your Home Library

28 Feb

Decorating Ideas for Your Home Library

Having a library at home is a dream for book lovers and book collectors. If you love to read books and want to build a collection for your home library, then you should do some creative brainstorming on how to organize that special nook.

Planning a home library can open up a lot of ideas. First, what do you want your bookcase to look like? How will you arrange the books? Will there be a special area where you can sit down and read in peace? Is your library just a getaway or also something to show to your friends and house guests?

To help you plan a great home library, here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Stack your books diagonally. Instead of the usual horizontal or vertical stacks of books you see in libraries, you can create patterned stacking to make your library more unique. Use a diamond shaped compartment for your book cabinet and stack seven to ten books in each compartment.
  • Enclose your library with a glass divider. Make it more private when you plan to read your favorite books at home. A full glass divider will give you the privacy you need, while allowing you to still see some areas of the house. Add a door if you want it to be even quieter.
  • Reserve an empty space in the center of your book shelf or cabinet for decorative items. You can add your TV, some book-related decor, or even a painting. This will create a focal point, which is especially important if you have floor-to-ceiling stacks of books.
  • Add a built-in seat for your reading pleasure. Instead of using a separate chair for reading, install a built-in couch where you can be near your book collection while you read. Install lights above your couch for better lighting and a few throw pillows to give you more comfort.
  • Enclose the lower part of your book cabinet for added storage. This is useful if you don’t have enough books to fill the entire cabinet.
  • Mix things up. Add decorative items in between the books for display rather than filling the entire cabinet with books. You can also use pieces of decor as book ends.
  • Find that special nook in the house. Your home library can be perfect if properly situated inside the house. Find that special area where you can simply relax and read. It can either be inside your living room, a small closet in the hallway, or perhaps under the stairs.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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