Oklahoma City Council Approves Downtown Improvement Projects

4 Mar

Oklahoma City Council Approves Downtown Improvement Projects

Street improvements are important for providing better pedestrian accessibility, road access to vehicles, and an improved aesthetic look.  That is why the Oklahoma City Council recently approved a $38 million budget for improving streets around the downtown area.

This will extend the street improvement projects that have already begun in other major areas of the city. The biggest allocation of the budget will be for the improvement of streets downtown that start in the Myriad Botanical Gardens area. Some of the streets that will start construction this year are the E.K. Gaylord, NW 6 north of the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum, Dean A. McGee, W. Main, N. Robinson, and Robert S. Kerr. The total budget for those will be $26 million.

About $4 million will also be allocated for the renovation of the Oklahoma County Annex Building, $2.9 million for additional parking and commercial or office space at the Century Center, and 2.25 million for parking garage renovations.

Other projects include the $1.5 million construction of The Oklahoma Publishing Company, $750,000 in improvements at Bricktown, $500,000 for the renovation of the Mideke warehouse, and another $500,000 for  improvements in the resident alley of the Cottage District.

According to City Council, the budget will be taken from the Downtown and Devon Tower tax increment financing districts. Not only will it help improve the downtown area, but it will also help promote economic development in the city.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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