How to De-clutter Your Home Library

14 Mar

How to De-clutter Your Home Library

Adding a few books to your bookshelf once in a while can create a great reason to set up a cozy home library. Having a library is wonderful when you simply want to stay in and rest at home because you can easily pull a book off the shelf and read for a few hours.

However, for home libraries located in a small space, fighting clutter can be a challenge, especially if your book collection grows regularly. Instead of relaxing in a comfortable book nook, you end up feeling less excited after seeing the disorganized place.

To maintain the vibrancy and neatness of a home library, you to spend a few hours de-cluttering the place. Here are a few tips:

  • Sort your books. You may have a lot of books in your home library, but if you don’t sort them and eliminate those you don’t need, you will end up having an overflow of books on your shelf. Try to sort out the books that you want to keep and those that can be donated or given to others.
  • Is it a duplicate book? If you have two copies of your favorite novel, it’s time to share that joy of reading with others. Give the second copy to a friend as a gift.
  • Does the book have sentimental value? If a book was given to you by a dear friend, you can either keep it or choose to hand it over to another close friend. Create a new tradition.
  • Would you re-read that book again? If you don’t plan to read the book again, then let others have the chance to read that same book.
  • Does it add value to the place or does it add to the clutter? If your answer is the latter, then by all means, put it in the box for donation.
  • Identify the books that are less significant for you and search for a digital copy. The beauty of technology today is that you can enjoy reading different kinds of books without having to worry on the pile at home. If you simply want to read the story and don’t feel that it’s necessary to have it in your collection, choose a digital copy instead.
  • Organize your books. Properly organizing all of your books will reduce the cluttered look of your library. Sort your books based on height, genre, or even the cover color. Then make sure that each compartment of your bookshelf has a few books on it. Use a book end if one compartment is not full.

So, what can you do with the unwanted books? You can either choose to donate them to charity or schools or have a garage sale and earn a few bucks during the process.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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