Creating More Space in a Crowded House

28 Mar

Creating More Space in a Crowded House

Having a lot of family members living under one roof can quickly make a home feel crowded, especially if it is already on the small end in the first place.  Space can feel limited by the time you combine people with furniture, and the house can end up looking too crowded even if there is technically enough space for everyone to live comfortably. It is always a challenge to make your home look pleasant and inviting when it is a busy space with a lot going on.

Fortunately, there are design tricks that can help you create more space inside your home. You can use these techniques to ensure there is enough space for everyone to live comfortably and walk around without worrying about bumping into each other or something else. Here are a few tricks:

  • Use multi-functional furniture. Big furniture is one of the things that takes up a lot of space inside a house. If you have a huge dining table, a big cabinet, and a bulky TV stand, then you will end up with small spaces left for you to walk around. However, if you use multi-functional furniture that reduces the number of pieces you need, you will still have everything you need, but with much more extra space to spare.
  • Opt for bunk beds for your children or guests. Bunk beds help create floor space because you maximize your vertical space instead. In addition, bunk beds can add fun style to your kids’ room because they can each customize the theme of their area.
  • Bring in more natural light. If the place looks bright, then it creates the impression of a bigger space. Install bigger windows or open your curtains during the day to let natural light filter in. This will also help you save energy by leaving your lights off and using less electricity If increasing your natural light isn’t possible, using energy-saving lighting fixtures instead.
  • Use mirrors. Strategically place mirrors around the house to create the impression of a wider space. You can place a large mirror above the top of your couch instead of a big piece of art to make your living room look wider.
  • Add storage. Clutter can add to the crowded feeling of your house. If you have a lot of furniture, a lot of people, and a lot of clutter, then things will definitely feel chaotic.  It is better to get into the habit of utilizing proper storage, so you can create a more organized, clutter-free environment.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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