How to Make Your Laundry Room More Efficient

15 Apr

How to Make Your Laundry Room More Efficient

It’s great to have a laundry room that is well organized and efficient, so doing laundry can move quickly and easily.  It can be a tedious task, but everyone must do it, and if you keep your laundry room organized and easy to manage, it makes the process a lot more bearable.

Making your laundry room efficient means doing everything you can to make doing the laundry easier, faster, and more productive. For example, you want to have ample storage space to keep your cleaners, soaps, bleach, and other essentials.  Putting it simply, what you want is a functional laundry room.

Below are some useful tips on how you can make your laundry room more efficient:

  • Add storage above your washing machine. Keep your soaps, detergents, and bleach in one easy to reach location, so it is easier to use them when doing the laundry.  This will also serve to keep them out of the reach of small children and pets.
  • Have a pre-sorting area. Arrange a table or counter where you can put several laundry baskets to sort your dark clothes from the white ones. If you have room, you can even permanently place hampers there,  so you can simply toss clothes in their category after collecting them from the bedrooms.
  • Clear an empty space for ironing. It is much easier and quicker to iron clothes when you have a convenient, designated ironing area inside your laundry room.
  • Add a folding area. Create a small area where you can easily fold newly-washed clothes and sort them. A table with ample space will do. If you have counter space in your laundry room, even better.
  • Separate wet and dry zones. Even if you do laundry in the same place where you fold clean clothes and do the ironing, it is still best to keep the wet zone from the dry zone. This will ensure that no clean clothes will be spoiled with the moisture of the wet zone.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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