Using Your Dryer More Effectively

13 May

Using your Clothes Dryer More EffectivelyAs much as you may not like constantly using your clothes dryer, there are times when you simply need to use it. Even thought they can use a large amount of energy at home, dryers also help make your life more convenient. So, the key is to use your dryer more effectively, so even when you do use it, you do it in a more efficient way.

Below are some tips:

  • Maximize the load of your dryer, but do not to overfill it, as that can actually make it less efficient. Fill your dryer to its limit, so you can dry as many clothes as possible with less energy.  If the load is too full, however, don’t add more to it because the clothes won’t dry well, and you’ll end up having to use more energy and time to complete the cycle.
  • Wash and dry similar types of clothes and separate different groups from each other.  It will be a lot faster to dry certain items if you combine all the lightweight fabrics and dry them at the same time. Tossing in different types together will only lengthen the drying process.
  • Throw in a clean, dry towel to help dry your clothes faster. The towel can easily absorb the moisture from your clothes, and then you can just hang it somewhere to air dry after.
  • Clean the lint filter regularly. A clean lint filter can allow the air to circulate properly inside your dryer, which will help your clothes more effectively. When your lint filter is dirty, residue tends to clog the airways, which reduces circulation in your dryer. It will also diminish the service life of your appliance.
  • Choose a dryer with a moisture sensor. A moisture sensor will automatically shut down your dryer once the clothes are dry. It will reduce energy use and will also decrease possible wear and tear on your clothes.
  • Schedule your drying time. This will reduce the constant use of your dryer and will give you control over your energy use. Try to schedule it once or twice each week, if possible, and during lower usage times of day.
  • Keep your dryer in a warm room, so less energy is used. The cooler the place, the more energy your dryer has to use to heat things. Try to add a new load to the dryer as soon as you take the old one out, so you can make use of the remaining heat.
  • Use alternative and free solutions for drying clothes. If you are not in rush to have your clothes dry, and if the weather is hot, hang your clothes outside instead. It can save a lot of energy over using your dryer.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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