Useful Tips for Proper Ironing

20 May

Useful Tips for Proper Ironing

Ironing clothes is nobody’s favorite chore. It can take a long time to complete and can become quite tedious.  But, if there are times when your clothes have to be perfect and free of wrinkles, here are a few tips to make it a faster and hassle-free:

  • Have hangers ready nearby, so it reduces the time needed to go back and forth when you’re hanging pressed clothes. Use a rolling towel rack to hang your clothes so it is easier to move them from one room to another.
  • Before you begin, sort out all your clothes and place them in order of what needs to go first.  Remember to start with clothes that require the lowest temperature first and then gradually move up to clothes that require the highest temperature. That way, you can avoid making marks on thinner fabrics.
  • Do the ironing on the inside of the clothes first. Then, do the outside. This will avoid creating a sheen on the fabrics.
  • Keep your shirts from wrinkling by hanging them immediately after ironing. Make sure to close the buttons of your shirt as well.
  • Double the heat of the iron to cut the time in half. Insert aluminum foil under your ironing board cover, as it will reflect the heat coming from the iron. This will iron both sides simultaneously, even though you are technically only ironing one. Not only will it reduce time, it will also save more energy.
  • Maintain a longer lifespan of your clothes by ironing them lengthwise. Never iron in circular strokes, as it will only stretch the fabric and will easily damage your clothes.
  • Clean your iron every time, so no dirt or deposits can set in and become embedded in the clothing.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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