How to Properly Dispose of Waste from Your Home Construction Project

30 May

OKC Cleanup for Tornado Damages Scheduled Early June

Home renovation projects may require a lot of work from you, and though you probably want to instantly sit down and relax at the end of a day, the work does not stop there. There is a major issue of waste disposal that needs to be tackled, so as not to cause any pollution or threat to the environment.  Renovation projects create a lot of waste, some of which can be toxic or dangerous, so it is important to dispose of it properly and securely.

  • Have containers with lids ready before starting the project. From day one until the day of completion, waste will be generated along the way. So, while you work on your project, you need to have available trash containers to keep everything clean.
  • Learn how to separate waste. Not all of your construction waste should go into a single container. There are items that are biodegradable and others that are not. Also, be aware of hazardous chemicals. When throwing your garbage away, make sure that these items are separated from the rest of the trash, so they can be disposed of via proper safety procedures. Educate yourself about safe waste disposal for special items by researching online or asking a local organization.
  • Hire a hauling company for bigger, bulkier waste. Rend a dumpster and/or have your garbage hauled away instead of leaving it on the ground for several hours or days before your normal garbage collector comes.
  • Clean your home thoroughly after construction. There may be underlying threats inside your house even if you think you have disposed of all of the waste. Double check for nails that may be on the ground, chemicals that are still located within your main living areas, share objects protruding from walls, etc.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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