What to Do with a Broken Sofa

24 Jun

What to Do with a Broken Sofa

A broken sofa can be a huge problem. Sitting on a couch with popping springs, sagging seats, or damaged covers can be a pain, and it is also embarrassing when guests come over.

So, what can you do if you have a broken sofa at home?  Should you repair it or dispose of it?  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Sell it. Fortunately, there are people who prefer buying secondhand couches because they are priced significantly lower than new ones. Sell it in your garage sale or on an online market.  Just be sure that it is still in good condition or can be used again. If it’s not, price it very cheaply, so it will appeal to refurbishers.
  • Haul it to the dump. Get rid of your sofa all by yourself and keep your home and curb clutter-free. If you have a car that can fit the sofa, you can drive it directly to the dump.  Just be sure to double check what the public dump day schedule is.
  • Try to fix it. Having a broken sofa may not be acceptable to you, but there are damages that can easily be fixed, such as torn covers or broken legs. You can simply stitch a torn cover or drape your couch with a new slip cover.  For a broken leg, you can either replace it yourself or take it to a professional.  Even if you outsource the work, it will still be cheaper than buying a new couch.
  • Donate it to charity. Charitable organizations appreciate donations that are useful and that can be given to others in need. If your sofa is still in good condition, donate it instead of throwing it away.
  • Place it in the curb. If you don’t want to haul you couch by yourself, place it on the curb for your trash collectors to take it away for you. Just be sure to check with your collection service first to verify that they provide that service.  If they do, don’t put your couch on the curb until collection day, so you avoid creating clutter and annoying your neighbors.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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