Building Your Own Summer House

27 Jun

Building Your Own Summer House

Summer houses are popular during the hot summer months, but they also serve many other purposes during other times of the year. With a summer house, not only do you have a private place to lounge and relax, but it will also improve the look of your property.

A summer house is a single-storey house that only takes up a small portion of your yard, but can be used as a playroom for your kids, a home cinema, a garden shed, or even a gym. However you may want to use it, however, there are certain things to consider to help you maximize its benefits. 

First is the location of your summer house. Some people want to build their summer house where they can enjoy the hot sun. Others want the opposite and relish a shady retreat. Determine where the sun shines most in your yard during the summer months, so you can find the perfect location to construct it.

You may also want to consider your neighbor’s house. There are neighbors that may not appreciate you building a summer house if it overshadows their property. It is best to talk with your neighbors about this matter before building the structure, so you can find a location that makes everyone happy.

There are also planning regulations that may require you to seek permission first before construction. Some neighborhood have very strict aesthetic guidelines for homes, and they may or may not allow you to build additional structures in your yard.  Other times, it may be a city ordinance based on zoning and underground utility lines.  Do your research, so you can avoid potential legal issues or the loss of your monetary investment.

Security is also a major consideration for a summer house. As you incorporate different functions into your summerhouse, you may want to preserve its contents by installing locks or motion sensor lights.

Lastly, design your summer house so that it fits your desired function.  You may like that aesthetic appeal of one style, but if it isn’t conducive to the type of activity you want to use it for, you may need to reconsider and explore other options.

Summer houses can be a beautiful addition to your home.  So, do your research, figure out what you want to use it for, and then enjoy its benefits all summer long.  

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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