New Dress Code and Attendance Policies in OKC Public Schools

6 Aug

New Dress Code and Attendance Policies in OKC Public Schools

Yesterday was the first day of class for Oklahoma City Public Schools, and with it began a new set of policies.  Students are required to adhere to all of the new rules, and for certain policies, they can even win prizes if they participate fully throughout the entire year.

A new dress code policy has been implemented in all public schools in OKC.  The new dress code will strictly require the use of public school uniforms, and students will no longer be able to wear the typical casual wear they have been accustomed to wearing. This will create uniformity among students, which will provide a variety of benefits.

Based on the new dress code, students will have a fixed set of clothing they must wear to class. They must wear khaki pants and can then choose to wear either a polo shirt, t-shirt, or sweater. Restrictions in the dress code policy include clothes with logos, hoodies, jackets, sweats, jeans, and flip-flops.

The other major new policy involves attendance.  In order to improve attendance throughout the school year, especially on the first day of school, an initiative has been put into place that will encourage students to attend school every day.  Those who have perfect attendance at the end of the school year will qualify for the chance to win prizes and an award.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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