Home Organization Tips for Back-to-School Efficiency

8 Aug

Home Organization Tips for Back-to-School Efficiency

Summer break is coming to an end and students are looking forward to another school year. New uniforms, school supplies, shoes, and bags are some of the things that make kids excited about going back to school.  They also get to meet back up with their friends and catch up about the adventures they had over the summer.

Back-to-school can be both exciting and challenging. With the many things that your kids need to prepare for school, it is important that you organize everything, so they can go back to school feeling relaxed without stress.

To help you make your kids’ back-to-school routine more efficient, here are a few tips you can follow:

  • Create an area for studying and doing homework. Encourage your kids to always do their schoolwork in an inviting are of the house. Add proper lighting and make sure that the table is clear of clutter.  It is best not to have a computer nearby because you don’t want them to be enticed to play on the computer instead of studying.
  • Add proper storage for their school supplies. Small boxes and jars are great for small supplies like paper clips, staples and erasers. You may also want to add a small area for their school books and other reference materials.  Add a filing tray for your kids to organize their papers, so they can be sure they don’t miss any homework assignments.
  • Install a bulletin board. Keep their class schedules, important school events, and exam schedules organized in a good calendar system and with bulletin board notes. Add push pins to the board, so they can easily hang things.
  • Allocate a special place for school gear. Is your child part of the band and needs a musical instrument?  Are they a part of a sports team that requires special equipment? There are certain school activities that will require additional equipment and supplies, so have a specific space ready to accommodate those things.
  • Keep their closet organized for school. Ask your kid to select clothes that they want to use in school. Then, separate those items from the rest of their clothing in the closet, so they can easily access them in the mornings when they are getting ready for school.
  • Select a place in the mudroom for coats, jackets, and backpacks. Do not encourage your kids to throw their things on the floor when they arrive home. When they have a place to hang their things in the mudroom, they will be more likely to follow the procedure.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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