Edmond Considers New Public Alert System to Add to Existing One

13 Aug

EmergencyAlertsPSAPublic awareness is important for any city. It helps alerts the public to any potential emergency situations and may even compel them to assist in aiding others both during and post-emergency. For instance, if there is a missing person, the public will be notified of the details and can give crucial information to help track the missing person (i.e. Amber or Silver Alerts).

In Edmond, an effective alert system called CodeRED Emergency Notification System is used by the city officials in disseminating public information. CodeRed is a voice messaging system that propagates alerts to registered residents via their telephone and mobile devices. Different issues like emergency situations, security issues, government orders and other criminal activities are circulated fast and easy to the public using the system.

To enhance the effectiveness and reach of their existing alert system, Edmond is considering a new federal alert system called IPAWS. Integrated Public Alert and Warning System or IPAWS is a new alert system by the Federal Emergency Management System that improves the overall procedure of giving the public valuable information and warnings on certain emergencies and issues. IPAWS receives Internet-based alerts from the authorities and distributes these information to registered individuals via their smart phones.

Though Edmond already has an existing alert system, the new federal system will not be replacing the old one. It will instead supplement the existing system and will offer more features that can make the alert dissemination more efficient. Still, there will be added costs in acquiring the new federal alert system to the city – more information on exactly how much, is still yet to be revealed.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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