Budget Friendly Ways to Decorate Your Room

22 Aug

Budget Friendly Ways to Decorate Your Room

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It is the most personal space in your house where you can relax after a hard day’s work and prepare for a restful sleep at night. There is no doubt that the bedroom is considered as a sanctuary to many of us. Therefore, it makes sense to decorate it in a way that makes it an enjoyable and comfortable room at all times.

Decorating the interior of your bedroom can be fun and fulfilling, whatever your budget might be. There are smart ways you can achieve a fantastic look or transform your bedroom into a serene place without spending too much money. Here are few tips for decorating your bedroom on a budget:

  1. Clean the room thoroughly. Remove all the clutter and decide what you want to keep.  You may already have a lot of items that would make wonderful additions to your room that have simply been underutilized to this point. Look around your bedroom to see if it’s possible to rearrange your furniture to provide more space or freshen its appearance.
  2. Come up with a theme. Find a theme for your bedroom that will reflect your personality. Some ideas include peaceful Zen, modern art and decor, cheerful florals, or even a central color scheme.  You can even mix and match themes.  The idea is to create something that is uniquely you that you will enjoy every time you are there.
  3. Find a focal point. Highlight a particular item or architectural feature that will serve as a focal point in the room around which everything else revolves. Using a platform bed as the focal point will make the room look larger and more spacious.  Using a piece of art will likely set the tone for your other decor.
  4. Window treatments. Find window treatments that suit your design theme and complement your colors. Window treatments can range from simple pull shades to velvety drapes.
  5. Break the usual look of your bed.  The most important element of any bedroom design is the bed itself.  Opt for colourful fabrics to bring the room to life.  Place pillows in an asymmetrical way to add visual depth and interest. Focus on little details that will personalize your bed to fit your personality.

There are a lot of simple ways to create a fresh look for your bedroom without spending a lot of money. It just takes some resourcefulness and creative imagination.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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