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New Law Favors Consumers and Retailers This Black Friday

31 Oct

New Law Favors Consumers and Retailers This Black Friday

With the holidays nearing, shoppers are already getting ready for the most-awaited shopping bonanza of the year: Black Friday.  This year is expected to be the best yet in Oklahoma thanks to a new law that is being implemented to favor consumers and retailers. Governor Mary Fallin just signed a new bill into effect, which addresses the prices of general merchandise products in Oklahoma.

Until recently, Oklahoma retailers have not been allowed to offer the same sales price as other states due to restrictions in the law.  The only exempted products were  groceries, drugs, gas, and lumber.

Now, however, Senate Bill 550 is putting into effect a law that states that Oklahoma retailers can now sell their products at any price below their cost for up 15 days in a row and up to 10 times a year. That means that the same low prices that can be offered in 48 other states can now be offered in Oklahoma as well.

This offers a huge advantage to Oklahoma consumers, who will get to enjoy lower prices as a result.  It also benefits retailers, as it will allow them to serve more customers on Black Friday now because Oklahomans will no longer need to shop in other states to get better deals. They can enjoy the same prices right here in Oklahoma.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


Edmond Recreation Aquatic Center near Completion

29 Oct

Edmond Recreation Aquatic Center near Completion

Swimming practices and state swim competitions require a full size Olympic pool. To support the city’s swim team and to cater to public interest, the City of Edmond is building an aquatic center to host swimming competitions as well as team practices.

The Edmond Recreation and Aquatic Center is currently underway with its completion expected at the end of the year. The 102,000 square foot facility will include an Olympic size swimming pool, a large separate leisure pool with a children’s slide, an indoor elevated running track and a fitness area. Spectator seats will be built to host an audience of 800.

Currently, the $22.5 million project is more than 85% completed, with the second aquatic testing to be done on December 20. Temporary occupancy is expected in the middle of November with tours available at the center. Swim team practices are expected to begin in January with full use of the facility starting in February.

The Edmond Recreation and Aquatic Center is located at J.L. Mitch Park. It is a joint project by the City of Edmond, YMCA and Edmond Public Schools.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent

The Benefits of LED Lighting

28 Oct

The Benefits of LED Lighting

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) is the most recent technological advancement in the lighting industry. It is considered extraordinary because it is very energy efficient and long lasting. LED bulbs are far better than traditional analog lighting because of their amazing benefits in the innovation of lighting systems and their eco-friendly way of operating.

LED bulbs are now available in a wide variety of bulb shapes, wattage sizes, and colors. They are offered in red, green, blue, and amber, which can then be further blended into millions of different color options. The main advantage of using this type of lighting system is that it has an outstanding operational energy time. These bulbs can endure up to 100,000 hours of use, yet still remain cool to the touch when on. You do not get the artificial heat you feel when using traditional bulbs.  Their long operational life also functions as a multiplier, which saves energy. Because of that, their low maintenance and replacement rates make them perfect for use in municipal lighting.

LEDs are made from non-toxic materials. Most conventional light bulbs, on the other hand, use mercury, which is incredibly dangerous for the environment. They are also 100% recyclable, produce little infrared light, have almost no UV emissions, and leave a low carbon footprint. Because of that, they are considered safe and earth-friendly.

LEDs don’t manipulate fragile components like glass and filaments, which makes them durable against shock, vibration, and extreme temperature. This type of lighting system is suitable for any public place and on construction sites. It can work even with a low-voltage power supply, which is a big benefit for people living in rural and remote areas.

The only downside to LED lighting is its price. But, due to advancing technology, LED bulbs will continue to develop further and will become more readily available.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent

DIY Headboard Ideas

24 Oct

DIY Headboard Ideas

Your bed can be a great focal point in your bedroom design.  A headboard is usually what will provide a “wow factor”, but instead, it is often neglected. Most of us have boring, flat headboards that are only used to keep our beds in place, but in reality, they can serve as so much more.  There are many ways to make your headboard stylish and unique, so that it becomes a design element in your room and not just one of functionality.

Here some tips to make the most of your headboard space and budget:

  1. Photo Headboard. Instead of using a formal headboard, stick to using a simple bed frame and then hang family photos or your favorite piece of art on the wall above your bed. Sticking to a theme, such as all black & white or all sepia toned photos will create a fabulous focal point in the room.  Find frames that are similar in color to create a uniform look. If you have existing frames, you can spray paint them the same color, so you don’t have to buy new ones.
  2. Fabric-covered Headboard. For this, you will need plywood, foam, batting, fabric, and a staple gun. Take measurements and ask a home improvement store to cut the plywood to the right size for you. Attach your foam to the plywood (you can use any size of foam you want, depending on how plush you want your headboard to be). Lay the batting on top and secure to the back with a staple gun. Do the same thing with the fabric and then securely position it behind your bed.
  3. Wooden picket fence. You can use a section from an old fence or purchase a new piece from a home improvement store. Paint it a color that will match the decor of your bedroom and hang it on the wall over your bed.
  4. Old door. You can find one in a flea market, thrift store, or salvage yard. You can leave it in its original form if it is in good condition or sand and paint it to make it more personal. Remove the doorknob and turn it on its side, knob side toward the bottom, to mount it to the wall.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent

Plan OKC Symposium to be Held for Public Participation

22 Oct

Plan OKC Symposium to be Held for Public Participation

Future plan developments are a crucial aspect of a city’s growth. With the increasing number of residents, not to mention new businesses, the City of Oklahoma City is planning on implementing several improvements that will aid in keeping up with the demands of the community.

Oklahoma City is currently undergoing a strategic planning stage for future growth and development known as planokc. It is a long-term plan aiming to provide a better lifestyle, more security, and economic stability for the community. Indicated in the plan are methods to improve transportation, neighborhood safety, beautification, housing and economic expansion.

According to Mayor Mick Cornett, the ongoing plan for the improvement of the city requires the full participation of its leaders as well as support of the entire community.

To encourage public participation in planokc, a symposium will be held on Friday, November 1st at the Hall of Mirrors in the Civic Center Music Hall.  The planokc Symposium is open to the public and offers free admission to all. The event will be held from 1 pm to 6 pm.

The symposium will present studies, findings and proposals regarding various improvements specified in planokc. This includes the Parks Master Plan, Housing Demand Study, Community Appearance Survey, Retail Plan, Transit Service Study and Growth Scenarios Analysis. A question and answer session will be done after the presentation.

Participants of the symposium can choose to attend any presentation of their choosing.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent

How to Choose Wall Decor for Your Home

21 Oct

How to Choose Wall Decor for Your Home

Every homeowner deals with the difficulty of choosing the right paint color or the right kind of artwork for a wall so it will match everything else in the room.  Home decorating is not always an easy task because it involves creative ideas, so here are a few tips and tricks to help you find the perfect wall decor for every part of your home:

  1. Stick to your home’s color scheme when choosing wall decor.  Match your wall art to the dominant color scheme in a room to make it most pleasing to the eyes.  If you have difficulty coordinating colors, then try choosing something that is the exact opposite of the existing wall color, so it will stand out more and you won’t have to painstakingly try to blend it with other things.
  2. Pick up a few black and white prints. If you can’t decide what color you should use for your wall art, then choose black and white prints. This will allow you to focus on the images themselves rather than on the colors.  Plus, black and white coordinates with everything.
  3. Assess the amount of wall space available to you. If you have a smaller area, minimize the amount of furniture in the room, so you can free up wall space. Decide whether the wall space will allow you to place a small piece or a large piece, many pieces or just one, etc.
  4. Think carefully about the use of the room. For instance, if the room is for your children, then use pieces that feature letters, numbers, and shapes. If you want the decor to last for many years, choose neutral colors that will be suitable to your children, regardless of their age.
  5. Be creative.  For example, choose a metal wall art piece instead of conventional wall decor like photographs, paintings, and posters.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent

Organizing Your Kid’s Room

17 Oct

Organizing Your Kid’s Room

Having clutter around the house when you have kids is quite normal for most households. It is especially common when you walk inside their bedrooms. Lots of toys scattered around, books out of place, clothes and other items on the floor instead of where they should be, etc.

Keeping your kid’s room organized is a challenge, and it doesn’t do any good to try to tackle it yourself without their help; otherwise, it will immediately get messy again.  So, here are some creative ideas for organizing your kid’s room and making them help out:

  • Let your kids be kids – That means keeping things in their room that fit their perspective, not yours. When you plan a room, you need to make sure that it fits the personality and age of your child.  For example, there are some storage solutions that are not meant for kids and may be difficult for them to use. Make it easy for them, so they will be more likely to do what they are supposed to and keep their rooms clean.
  • Let your kids help out – Do not make it a rule for them to help out. Instead, make it a fun challenge. Many kids love the thrill of a challenge like cleaning their room in 30 minutes so they can watch another hour of TV. Reward them when appropriate, so they will be more inspired to do their part.
  • Let your kids choose – Allow them to choose what kind of storage units they want, so they will be more likely to use them and have more fun organizing things.  Make them the “boss.”
  • Let your kids decorate – Rather than doing the job yourself, allow them to do it and just supervise. Let your kid do the decorating, so they will have fun and feel in control of their own room. If there are toys that need to be organized, ask them to put these on the shelf in an arrangement that they like.
  • Let your kids appreciate their efforts – After a hard day of work, commend them for their efforts compliment them on what they’ve accomplished, so they will learn to appreciate hard work. They will be more encouraged to keep their rooms clean that way.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent