Organizing Your Kid’s Room

17 Oct

Organizing Your Kid’s Room

Having clutter around the house when you have kids is quite normal for most households. It is especially common when you walk inside their bedrooms. Lots of toys scattered around, books out of place, clothes and other items on the floor instead of where they should be, etc.

Keeping your kid’s room organized is a challenge, and it doesn’t do any good to try to tackle it yourself without their help; otherwise, it will immediately get messy again.  So, here are some creative ideas for organizing your kid’s room and making them help out:

  • Let your kids be kids – That means keeping things in their room that fit their perspective, not yours. When you plan a room, you need to make sure that it fits the personality and age of your child.  For example, there are some storage solutions that are not meant for kids and may be difficult for them to use. Make it easy for them, so they will be more likely to do what they are supposed to and keep their rooms clean.
  • Let your kids help out – Do not make it a rule for them to help out. Instead, make it a fun challenge. Many kids love the thrill of a challenge like cleaning their room in 30 minutes so they can watch another hour of TV. Reward them when appropriate, so they will be more inspired to do their part.
  • Let your kids choose – Allow them to choose what kind of storage units they want, so they will be more likely to use them and have more fun organizing things.  Make them the “boss.”
  • Let your kids decorate – Rather than doing the job yourself, allow them to do it and just supervise. Let your kid do the decorating, so they will have fun and feel in control of their own room. If there are toys that need to be organized, ask them to put these on the shelf in an arrangement that they like.
  • Let your kids appreciate their efforts – After a hard day of work, commend them for their efforts compliment them on what they’ve accomplished, so they will learn to appreciate hard work. They will be more encouraged to keep their rooms clean that way.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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